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    QC Corporate rate - the field to enter code has disappeared

    I've noticed that for both QC renewals and new sign ups the field to enter a corporate rate code has disappeared. Also my code doesn't seem to be reflected in the renewal rate shown. Emailing them to ask about it they advise to call them instead. On calling them they advise they can only help...
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    Indonesia (Bali) - return trip with one way tickets

    Thanks guys. Seems like I have been misled by quality journalism. Is there anything else to be aware of? I'm thinking a one way ticket might mean you're less likely to get a hotel in event of a major delay?
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    ADL-DPS JQ127/128 JQ131/132 discontinued?

    I believe they do run close to full. It is the last remaining QF/JQ international route out of ADL. Interesting that CX, SQ, QR, EK, MH, CZ, NZ, FJ are all there but Qantas is absent. Just to rub it in they screw you on points too.
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    ADL-DPS JQ127/128 JQ131/132 discontinued?

    Thanks Captain. Seems like they have finally uploaded the schedule through June 2018, an odd delay but it's there now.
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    Indonesia (Bali) - return trip with one way tickets

    I understand Indonesia has a problem with one way tickets - I know Tiger was kicked out over it. Is it possible to travel holding one way tickets in both directions? SYD - DPS one way ticketed in AU DPS - SYD one way ticketed in ID It's simply to save money on the return portion - Indonesian...
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    ADL-DPS JQ127/128 JQ131/132 discontinued?

    Seems like ADL-DPS flights stop dead on March 31 next year. Using MEL-DPS as an example I can see flights for sale through July 2018 and scheduled through August 2018. Likely to be a scheduling issue or bad news for ADL?
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    Singapore Airlines Delays/Cancellations

    Any idea what's happening with SQ207? Circled a few times about to land in MEL but now seems to be heading toward Canberra or Sydney.
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    ADL SC woes and looking at QFF alternatives

    32% Mainly Sydney and occasionally Asia.
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    ADL SC woes and looking at QFF alternatives

    Some QF changes in the last few years are hurting us ADL folk * Enhancements in 2014 cut SCs to SYD by 33% * Flights into Asia culled completely, despite apparently still being worthwhile for CX, MH, EK, SQ, QR and CZ * SC severely cut on alternative airlines (CX, MH etc) Any suggestions to...
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    Jetstar Delays/Cancellations

    JQ35 1st August seems to have travelled over halfway to DPS and then turned back to MEL.
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    QF Status Match Challenge

    I would bet that it has more to do with having a few months left to his anniversary and QFF making some exception on the lapsed months, rather than being an actual "status challenge". Remember they have overrides now for parental leave etc, maybe they just made it happen in the system somehow.
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    Qantas lounge shoe policy - this is concerning

    Am I missing something? Why can't the rule be quite simply "no rubber thongs"?
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    Priority boarding on QF domestic - what is the story?

    Just boarded QF759. One agent on economy side. Premiums left to "excuse me" merge themselves into the economy side.
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    Citibank Signature replaced wih Visa Infinite (but not Prestige)

    Lazy mode: If you don't activate they send you a text after a few days, you just need to reply to activate. Sticker on the front of the card leaves a mess, no longer says "signature" anywhere and retains boring generic blue design. Expiry date remains the same which is a double-edged sword.
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    Citibank Annual summary?

    Citibank used to send me a financial year summary report which I found really useful. They stopped sending it at some point, but I thought no big deal I can just download my transactions and have a play in excel. Looking online they will only allow me to download the past three months. What's...
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    A330 syd-adl

    I've already requested an upgrade! NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    A330 syd-adl

    I'm interested to see that every couple of weeks or so an A330 is scheduled on the QF765 route from Sydney to Adelaide. Any insight on this? Maybe a repositioning or offsetting the capacity lost by other flights downgrading to 717s? Edit: not sure why the title was forced to lowercase
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    Qantas upgrade offer.

    What's the minimum bid it will accept?
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    QFF website down

    The website isn't down but yes QFF account access has been unavailable all morning.
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    Can infants be seated in row 4 on a 737?

    Are there any other restrictions other than exit rows?