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    Elderly father has arrived in Schipol Amsterdam and no suitcase

    Hi, just need some advice desperately. My father and his wife arrived on US Airways flight from Atlanta->Philadelphia on Wed morning at Schipol Amsterdam airport missing one suitcase. He has very important medication for his legs in there. Yes I know he shouldn't have packed it into his...
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    Need your valuable help once again-customs,baggage,directions bris->atl->ams->bris

    I am putting together some basic information for my 81 year old father so that he can travel smoothly from Australia to the US to Amsterdam back through the US back home - I have completed some research and asked my TA :oops: and have now come to this valuable website to assist me with some...
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    Seats not available for reservation on AA7308 (QF7) Syd -> DFW flight

    Hi, first thanks for assistance on question in my original post from February (link is below). I was able to get flights booked for my father with TA for their upcoming trip to Amsterdam via Atlanta. It means more stops but the price came out ok at $3500 a ticket. Now I have another weird...
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    Help with Flights Bris -> Atlanta -> Amsterdam -> Brisbane

    Hi, Looking at booking flights for my parents. Started researching last night and found it to be a bit of a nightmare with multi options. I am leaning towards booking individual legs of the trip unless someone has a better idea? Also I am not sure if I should go through a travel agent or do...
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    QF A330 300 Best Economy seats

    Any recommendations for best seats (economy) on Qantas A330-300 other than exit rows? I am travelling on Qantas A330-300 from Brisbane to Singapore with my elderly mother. We don't qualify for an exit row seat because of the terms and conditions. I am 6ft and I am wondering if there is a...
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    Help required for return trip Brisbane to Amsterdam

    Hi I am taking my elderly mother to her birth place of Amsterdam for an approx 5week trip. I would like to find a reasonable priced trip with minimum hassels and minimum stops. So far I have found on KLM the following on 11 Sept 2010 for AUD 2,453.72 per adult, 13:55 Brisbane 19:50 Singapore...
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    Looking for best deal from LAX to BNE - any suggestions?

    My husband and I will be flying one way from Los Angelas to Brisbane in May 2008 after a cruise (of 31 days from sydney:cool: ). I am trying to find a cheap flight from LAX to BNE and so far have found: Qantas $1352 :shock: NZ $880 (via Auckland) Air Pacific $800 (via Fiji stopover 7 hours)...
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    Travelling to USA in Sept - should we buy some US dollars now?

    We are travelling to the USA for 5 weeks in September. We are seriously considering buying some US Cash and travellers cheques now to take advantage of the US dollar rate. Anybody have any thoughts on this?
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    E-Ticket - do I need an E-Ticket receipt?

    We are travelling to the USA in September. I recently purchased our tickets through flight centre. When I picked up the tickets they presented me with paper tickets for the segments from BNE to HNL return. The segments from HNL to LA to MIA to SAN to HNL are e-ticketed. I have no evidence of...
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    Flying out of San Diego - cruise arrives 7am - flight is for 9.50am - too risky?

    We are expected to disembark from our cruise in San Diego at 7am. I have completed my own flights research via & webjet and successfully got Flight Centre to match these flights and prices:D I got my cruise TA to oversee the flights and he has suggested that we are cutting it too fine to...
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    Need Tips/Assistance for flying to US next year

    Having read the different posts daily, I cannot help but think that you can provide expert advice on travelling to the USA economically and stress free. In a previous post I requested info on the cheapest fare to the US and car rental advice. Thanks for all that responded. I learnt that it...
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    recommendation for best $$ & airline for multi city stops to usa

    Hi there Next September we are heading to Miami and San Diego for 2 cruises and we want to fly to US cities as cheaply as possible. I really like Qantas however if United Airlines come in way cheaper and have more stops then we could be persuaded to fly with them. These are our stops. Can...