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  1. kiwitripper64

    So you have the vaccine, now what?

    Vaccine rollout is underway in many countries. Australia and NZ have plans to vaccinate a large % of the population by the end of 2021. International travel is just around the corner. The QF F lounges in MEL and SYD must be stocking up on champers. My question is, what will the governments...
  2. kiwitripper64

    What was your best or worst birthday while travelling?

    Since we cant travel, more time to look back at the good old days. I had a birthday in J on EK DXB-SYD. In the middle of the flight the crew came along with a photo card and small cupcakes with imitation candles to say Happy Birthday. And in Delhi, the Oberoi sent up a birthday cake. I am happy...
  3. kiwitripper64

    American Airlines removes Main Cabin Extra Benefits for oneworld elites

    I just saw this article saying AA are stopping Oneworld ruby and sapphire privilege of getting free access to Main cabin extra. Sad to see more enhancements to the OneWorld family. On the AA...
  4. kiwitripper64

    What's the best unexpected gift you have received while travelling?

    The best upgrade thread is lots of fun. Travel can be bad and gets TV shows made about he horrible stuff, but it can be wonderful and unexpected. We were at the Dead Sea in Jordan and talked to the life gauds at the beach. I think it would be impossible to sink enough to drown, their main job...
  5. kiwitripper64

    How did you cope when you were told travel cancelled

    Auckland hospital has cancelled all international travel for staff on business, conference or education. They have also said they will pay staff on 14 day self isolation unless they have been on overseas travel from yesterday. So, no first lounge this month I am sure there are many others who...
  6. kiwitripper64

    Who pays if you are disrupted by corona virus

    This question has a coupe of components. If you organised and paid for travel AND insurance before the coronavirus outbreak, who pays for disrupted travel? For example if you are flying MNL-AKL-SYD and arrived in AKL with a suspected sick passenger on board, would you be able to carry on to...
  7. kiwitripper64

    Any advice on hotel club rooms in Manila by the airport

    We are looking for a hotel with a nice club lounge. Plan is to arrive into Manila T4 around 2pm, go to hotel, have a drink and nibblesbefore diner then back to T2 for QF20 at 7pm. We are looking at Shangri la, Dusit, or Hilton. Any recommendations for best coughtail hour, room and pool? Thanks
  8. kiwitripper64

    qantas visa advice not correct

    I was wandering through our booking to the Philippines on QF and went on to their travel advice page. There is a page which gives advice on VISA requirements and I had a look. According to QF ( via 3rd party VISALINK) we need visas to visit the Philippines. One issue is the questions you are...
  9. kiwitripper64

    Any ideas for a status run from around PHL in May-June 2020

    Hello all We are looking to be in Philadelphia around May-June 2020. With all the changes from QF and AA, does anyone think there are still status runs worth doing in US and any ideas from Philly? Thanks
  10. kiwitripper64

    Best snorkel / dive beach area in SE Asia

    Hello I am allowed to book our holiday overseas on the basis of NO SNOW. :confused:. Mrs KT has requirements of sun, beach and snorkeling in Feb 2020, so I am thinking Thailand ( maybe PhiPhi) and /or Vietnam (Maybe Ha Long Bay, Hoi An or Phu Quoc). I would love any tips, suggestions and advice...
  11. kiwitripper64

    Whats your best experience on a delayed flight?

    We have all been held up on planes going nowhere and it can suck. After one late departure SYD-AKL we arrived very late and sat at the gate for 35 min because they could not get the air-bridge to connect. At 3am we were not amused. But what about the times where a delay is unexpectedly good...
  12. kiwitripper64

    Any suggestions for rental car in Croatia

    Hi In September we are looking to rent a car in Split and drive south. Has anyone done this and have suggestions on rental car companies. Where there any problems going through Bosnia? We are also thinking about popping in to Montenegro. Appreciate any advice.
  13. kiwitripper64

    When is next anticipated double SC promotion?

    Can anyone remind me when next anticipated double status credit promotion is likely? Thanks
  14. kiwitripper64

    Can I exit the airport after transiting to Melbourne F lounge

    Hi all I will be flying SIN-MEL-AKL. Land in MEL at around 6am and dept at 12. So, can I transit to the lounge and have breakfast, then leave the airport around 10, meet a friend for coffee, then go back through immigration?
  15. kiwitripper64

    What lounges can we use?SYD-BKK-DEL, DEL-SIN-MEL

    Hi, we are flying SYD-DEL via BKK. QF metal to BKK then qf ticket on Jet airways to DEL. Can we get into OW lounges in BKK. On the way back we are again jet airways on QF ticket to SIN. Can we get access to any of the lounges in DEL?
  16. kiwitripper64

    Miami for a day

    Hi all I have never been to Miami and we will probably have most of a day free to look around. Any favourites or suggestions? Thanks
  17. kiwitripper64

    Which aircraft for J, 380 787 or 747

    Hi I am looking at flights to US next month and will be looking to go SYD-DFW on QF A380 then on to MIA On the return I could do DFW-SYD A380 LAX-MEL 787 and LAX lounge LAX-BNE 747 while they still fly Any comments on J seats and cabin? Tried explaining to wife why this was important. We all...
  18. kiwitripper64

    Alaskan airlines lounge access post 2016

    Can anyone tell me if Alaskan airlines now admit QF WP and SG to all Alaskan lounges? A year or so ago I could get intoLAX but only if I was flying Alaskan code share QF. No luck at all in SEA? But it looks like this has changed." Platinum, "Platinum One Qantas Frequent Flyers and Qantas Club...
  19. kiwitripper64

    Do AMEX points booked flights accrue ff points?

    Hi all I am wondering if a flight booked through AMEX using AMEX points will generate qff points and status credits?
  20. kiwitripper64

    Anyone know of outcome of Obese passenger lawsuits?

    I was just reading about a recent claim in Queensland where a passenger on a EY flight from SYD to AUH after sitting next to someone who took over the space in his seat. I remember a few years...