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  1. adamonline

    AMEX - SPG Transfer option after August 2018

    I did have a favourable response from American Express who confirmed that they would honour my points transfer request at the old rate (with the 3x SPG->Marriott uplift) but it has taken a long time to get that happening. It would appear that they are making Marriott wear the cost of the change...
  2. adamonline

    AMEX - SPG Transfer option after August 2018

    It really is just about keeping customers informed. Amex has really failed in this respect and I encourage you to let your thoughts be known to Amex directly at the following address. I have and are awaiting their response. American Express Executive Correspondence GPO Box 1582 Sydney, NSW 2001...
  3. adamonline

    AMEX - SPG Transfer option after August 2018

    I lodged a complaint on Saturday for the lack of notice about the arbitrary July 27 cut off date and was promised a call back. I followed up today to find that the complaint had been helpfully closed. I lodged another complaint and noted the dim view the ACCC took of Nab when they tried to...
  4. adamonline

    AMEX - SPG Transfer option after August 2018

    I think the lack of notice here from AMEX is terribly disappointing to say the least. The SPG program is still running right now and I can't believe SPG gave AMEX no notice about transfers no longer being accepted. If AMEX were told that the 27th was the last day SPG would accept transfers then...
  5. adamonline

    Qantas hotel price promise

    Well done in being persistent. You're right, it shouldn't be this hard. I do wonder at what point these sorts of price promises come to the attention of the ACCC. I think the ACCC may have taken a close look at the Officeworks price beat offer a while back and Officeworks seemed to get better at...
  6. adamonline

    platinum reserve card application form

    This one still works and has the handy statement cycle selection at the bottom (though AMEX may not take any notice of it and you may need to follow up)
  7. adamonline

    ATO (tax office) payments by credit card

    Looks like there was an update to the ATO Card Payment Fee page yesterday. New rates split out the international and domestic but also the debit cards. Looks like that could be quite beneficial for users of Only1 Visa and others. Card type Fee American Express 1.45% MasterCard – International...
  8. adamonline

    Bankwest Transaction account [General Discussion]

    Today being the first day of the new RBA payment fee rules (for big businesses) it is interesting to note the large change in the payment fee for Telstra (given that is where most of these accounts were being used). Previously Telstra was charging a 1.1% fee (and actually not charging anything...
  9. adamonline

    Previous Card holder - Anyway of still getting sign up bonuses?

    This held true for me in the July/August refer-a-friend bonanza :)
  10. adamonline

    Previous Card holder - Anyway of still getting sign up bonuses?

    I think this is interesting and a reasonable hypothesis. For your "Current Platinum Edge -> Applied for Platinum Charge = success, bonus points credited" did your existing Edge Ascent MR balance move to a Ascent Premium MR account and then you only had the 1 MR account? Or did they remain separate?
  11. adamonline

    Virgin Money credit cards (linked to Velocity rewards)

    I've had success in previous years having the annual fee waived (1st year was paid, another year was 1/2 price, others waived - out of a total of 5 years) but this time they just wanted to push the No-Annual fee card. I only used it this year for a balance transfer and a coffee to get the $129...
  12. adamonline

    Amex Velocity Plat. free flight post anniversary date

    I think it may be the same team but the open hours are different. The 'team' to book the Velocity Platinum Amex free flight is only available Monday to Friday while the Edge and Platinum team are available 7 days (until 4pm Saturday and Sunday). I called on Sunday to book my flight and after...
  13. adamonline

    Amex Velocity Plat. free flight post anniversary date

    I just had a chat with Amex about this and they are quite clear that the card types are treated differently with no grace period on the Velocity Platinum AMEX but there is still flexibility for the Edge and Reserve cards. This also means no opportunity to combine 2 years of flights into one...
  14. adamonline

    Proposed new ANZ Adventures credit cards

    Please report back how you go requesting this change. It didn't appear this product transfer was supported in the ANZ systems as yet. It isn't in the online banking and phone staff hadn't done one before (and didn't immediately appear as an option for them). I ran out of time speaking to them...
  15. adamonline

    Waiving of annual fee for Black Card?

    The same response still seems to apply. If it was fee free the 1st year, no chance for a fee waiver in the 2nd year. It may be important to note that you can make a product switch at any time and ANZ state they will pro-rata the annual fee. One of the features of the card is a bonus 10,000...
  16. adamonline

    Earlier start for Shop Small this year

    The terms this time exclude online purchases unfortunately. I did a test on one of my cards (where the online payment has previously attracted a credit) and no confirmation was received this time. :(
  17. adamonline

    Change of complimentary insurance provider effective 1st May 2016

    I am surprised how badly these things are managed. Surely they have selected the new provider by now? It reminds me of the change Nab made 1st June 2014 when they started using a QBE provided policy rather than Zurich(?). Sure, there was notice provided but there was no policy document...
  18. adamonline

    FINALLY! - Citi launching Citi Prestige with Visa Infinite

    I'd say probably not but does offer a way to attach a booking to your rewards account if it is currently unattached. See Attach a booking to your™ Rewards account It's worth a try but don't be surprised if it doesn't work.
  19. adamonline

    Citibank- transfering points before devaulation

    Citibank striking early. Would it have really bothered them to wait 20 mins (assuming AEDT) and keep to their word?
  20. adamonline

    40,000 Reward Points on Westpac Altitude Platinum Credit Card ($150 Fee / $0 if Cust)

    Re: 40,000 Reward Points on Westpac Altitude Platinum Credit Card ($150 Fee / $0 if C The Westpac Reward Saver has no such requirement. If you are not a Westpac customer already that is the one to open fee free.