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    Censorship in the QP!

    Here I am surveying the board after a couple of months absence in the SYD QP & what do I get, but a pop-up from Cyber Patrol telling me that I cannot view one of the discussions because it is deemed inappropriate. :evil: I guess it has to be done but one of the flaws in the BB is once you...
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    Air NZ Changes Airpoints Scheme

    I just got this notification of the ASX and it poses some interesting thoughts... SUBJECT Relaunch of customer loyalty programme Air New Zealand today announces enhancements that make Airpoints one of the world’s most innovative and attractive airline customer loyalty programmes. Managing...
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    SMS Check-IN SYD-MEL

    Just got this promotional data from QFF with regard to checking in using SMS. I'll give it a go and get my 5000 point reward. SMS Promotion
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    Dinner with JT

    Did anyone else receive this invitation from QF to pay $500 measly dollars to have dinner with John Travolta? Dear Mr xx_xx_, Qantas Ambassador John Travolta will be visiting Australia in early May and has just agreed to join us for a black tie fundraising dinner to be held as part of...
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    Sheraton AKL & MEL - Change of Management

    As a very frequent user of the Starwood chain I'm not looking forward to the upcoming change of management for the Auckland Sheraton touted for Jan 2005. :( Where am I to stay in AKL for Starwood points? Looks like I'll have to give the Hyatt a go. Can't be too bad I s'pose.
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    Qantas to fly direct from Brisbane to LA

    It looks like the Brizzy guys are getting a better run at last. Check out this article -
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    Sheraton Resort Promotion - Kids get Breakfast Free

    Just received the following targeted promotion... Book a Sheraton Resort getaway before May 2, 2004 and you’ll receive a $50 Resort Credit and daily complimentary breakfast for up to 2 children when you book online and stay a minimum of 2 nights. Simply make your reservation online before...
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    The One Sitting next to you

    Every now and then you get some strange people sitting next to you on a flight. Now I don't claim to be perfect & I don't mind if someone writes about my foibles but on my latest trip MEL-LAX I had one of those experiences that moves you to write it up. I was on the upper deck seat 14B...
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    Using Lounge PC's

    Here's a tip for the unwary... I was browsing through the sites that other users had been to (as one does) while waiting for my delayed flight out of ORD. I found one that I thought looked interesting and it happened to be the personal Outlook Express email account for some Sales turkey with...
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    Any Rules for Travelling with Arm in Plaster/Fibreglass?

    Having just fractured my wrist in bicycling accident :cry: , I still intend to complete a three week stint in the US for business training. I leave in 9 days and the swelling will have gone down by the time I leave but has anyone got any tips for me in relation to travelling with an arm cast...
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    CASA Media Release - Monday, 15 September 2003

    CASA Media Release - Monday, 15 September 2003 New warning: Turn off mobiles in the air A fresh warning has been issued to aircraft passengers to switch off mobile telephones and other electronic devices during flights. This follows mounting evidence of interference to aircraft instruments...
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    United Airline's Final Push?

    Look at the following promo from United and see if you can tell me where Seating Area 4 is, seeing as Area 3 has the last 10 rows? :? UA wrote: Easier Boarding Process In response to your comments, and in an effort to improve our service, we've created a new boarding process for all...
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    Should I feel Guilty?

    I'm sitting back enjoying my second crownie in the BNE QC waiting to catch a Vermin Blue flight. Now, maybe I can guess what you're thinking but it's completely innocent. One of my bosses was meant to come and visit and fly VB but cancelled the visit. VB wouldn't refund to QBT and now I have to...
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    Beware the Check-IN naz_'s

    Went to check in for a QFA flight to Noumea a couple of months ago at the BNE Int a/p with carry on baggage only and was asked if they could weigh the bags. Upon placing the brain bag with pc & sundry papers the total came to 10kg. The second bag with clothing came in at 4 kg. I was told that...
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    Points for Goods

    Did anyone read the Financial Review's Smart Money section for the weekend of April 17-21 on Frequent Flyers? On page 42, the Principal of Axis Travel is quoted - "...says in the past week he has organised a refrigerator, a set of golf clubs...., ... for corporate jetsetters who are sick of...