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    Rex heads north of the border, from.... Lismore.

    Looks likely Regional Express will add a new inter-state route from Lismore to Brisbane, to enable Rex to service the Brisbane to Maryborough route announced last week. Airline travel is taking off - Lismore Northern Star - 2007-08-08 08:00:00.0 - localnews

    Jetstar sends out the wrong sales message

    Jetstar has sent out a PR release, with incorrect service information in it. page2 Obviously Jetstar’s PR gurus don’t fly the airline, or they would know that, for quite sometime now, the “Feed me” pack has pre-sold for $30*, and included...

    OzJet stuffs up summer time!

    Anyone who has booked the "Norfolk Air" (branded), SYD-MEL Friday flights over Summer, is receiving emails with new flight times, (i.e. 11.20am departure, 12.50pm arrival.) as Oz Jet forgot to allow for daylight savings in their planning :oops: :lol: (Oh well, more time for breakfast at SYD T1...

    TOLL expands Air Freight Business

    Looks like TOLL is enhancing its stand alone air freight business, separately from its current Virgin Blue investment! "...a new Toll air freight network linking Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide... " ATR lifting Toll freight | The Australian

    APEC airport traffic warning SYD 2-9 Sept

    Just received this email - And I think the state government is putting up prices for Airport Link tickets, around the same time.:rolleyes:

    Tiger's off to the Gold Coast!

    With an everyday lead in fare MEL-OOL of just $49.95, Tiger makes JQ's sales seem so unfare (and ensures everyone knows DJ isn't keeping the air fair anymore)...obviously we have a new everyday low fare leader in Australia! Tiger Australia News: Bringing you Gold Coast from AU$49.95 one-way!

    JQ to fly SYD-BNE / BNE-SYD

    QAN group obviously feels it has businessised CityFlyer's market position sufficiently, to expand JQ into direct competition with QF & perhaps more importantly DJ on Australia’s number 2 air route! (Not to forget, the yet to surface Tiger.)...

    JQ delayed response "letter"

    JQ has sent out a form letter / email / web page to customers, in regard to operational problems experienced due to the storms in NSW. Methinks they are getting a bit of "feed back" about on time performance! There was no...

    Air NZ - emergency "belly flop" landing

    Incredible picture with this story. Eagle has landed ... on its belly - Travel -

    Comments from Alan Joyce - CEO Jetstar

    Just a few interesting quotes, from the CEO of Jetstar recently, for those that may be interested.

    QF Premium Economy

    A recent schedule change email from QF, prompted me to look at an upcoming (all economy I thought) QantasLink 717 segment on CheckMyTrip… I don’t know if it is just a feature of the new version of CheckMyTrip, but the flight I am booked on now appears as “Premium economy”! Venturing a little...

    DJ $49 Happy Hour (travel in Feb 08) has got a very different type of happy hour today! Travel in February 2008 on $49 fares... Good to see them trying out new marketing ideas!:shock: :)

    Qantas supports Reconciliation Australia

    Good on you Qantas, for your continued support of Indigenous Australians, and corporate congratulations for marking the 40th (shamefully recent) anniversary of the referendum to count Australian Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders as people!

    Jetstar's Biggest Ever Sale Event

    Received an email to advise that - It then went on to quote previous specials like - BOGOF (The two for price of one specials) Launch Fares (e.g. Bali $149 ow inc taxes) $18/$22 special eventsIt implied that it will be a Jetmail exclusive event, so only those signed up will be invited to...

    JQi "FEED ME" pack add-on changes

    JQi, has upped the pre-purchase price by $5 (to $30 per segment, total charge $60 return), and changed the package deal to include open dry bar, on JQi services excluding Bali.

    Qantas follows Virgin’s business lead!

    For some time, Virgin Blue passengers travelling in Economy on “Corporate Plus” fares have enjoyed complimentary access to DJ’s new “The Lounge”… Finally Qantas (in a lack of publicity fan fare) has followed suit! (But only for domestic QF Business Class passengers.) Flying with Us - Business...

    07 Easter Sales - Now On

    The Easter Sales began today, and here's some comparisons (flights 24/4-21/6) SYD-OOL : JQ=$59 DJ=$59 QF=$109 BNE-ADL : JQ=$89 DJ=$95 QF=$135 MEL-HBA : JQ=$59 DJ=$60 QF=$105 SYD-CNS : JQ=$129 DJ=$139 QF=$189

    Tomorrow's DJ

    What strategy do you think will work best for Virgin Blue’s expansion? Joining a global alliance or expanding individual agreements with other airlines. Or do they need to do something totally new, perhaps even go it alone? Remember Qantas already has existing strategic relationships with both...

    Qantas Easter Strike Threat

    Pilots take Qantas to court over name - Business - Business - The article also mentions the registration of "Jetstar Qantas" and "Qantas Jetstar".

    What seat cover do you prefer in economy?

    Well, I will rise to NM's challenge, so here's a poll! When flying economy, what coverings do you prefer on your seat?