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  1. jb747

    United 777 suffers engine failure, scatters debris over Denver

    Sadly we don't have much travel or aviation news these days.... And, for those who are nervous about flying anyway, here's some amazing video of a Delta 777 after an engine decided to have a holiday.
  2. jb747


    If you’re planning on building your own 747-400, here’s some parts to get started with. AUD, landed in Oz.
  3. jb747

    Alternative use of airline points

    As I suspect that I'm not going to be able to use my points for flying, I was wondering about using them for purchases. In normal times, this would be a terrible use of them, but perhaps the only way now. What I was specifically wondering about, is if anyone knows if Krisshopper has Apple...
  4. jb747

    Something to see [Silo Art Trail]

    Now that everyone isn't totally locked down, I'm sure you're all looking for something to visit. Issues remain, of course, in that hotels etc are still very restricted. But, if you're in Victoria the art silos really aren't that far from Melbourne. They are spread throughout the state. The...
  5. jb747

    What Does asymptomatic mean in the case of Covid?

    There’s been lots of comment in the media about supposedly asymptomatic cases of covid. But what does this actually mean? Do some people have it illness, it runs its entire course, and they have no ill effects? Or, is there a symptom holiday at some point, before it really kicks into gear?
  6. jb747

    Legality [of Airports Blocking VA liveried Aircraft]

    I’m certainly no financial or legal expert, but the behaviour of Perth Airport is interesting. Given that Virgin is in the hands of administrators, and that there is a mandated queue for payment of outstanding debts, what then is the point of blocking aircraft as they’ve done. It’s obviously an...
  7. jb747

    In flight Seat Allocation and Social Distancing

    Something that will eventually have to be factored into the post Covid scenario will be the allowed seating density. If any form of distancing is required, then economy seating, as we know it will have to disappear. Whilst I’m sure nobody would miss being crammed into seats that are both too...
  8. jb747

    Tales from the Air

    The ‘Ask The Pilot’ thread has proven to be by far the most popular thread on Australian Frequent Flyer forum with over 15,000 posts since its introduction in June 2011. It was originally started as a way of explaining some of the myths that I saw being perpetuated on various forums. Over the...
  9. jb747

    A pilot's bucket list

    My bucket list includes a number of aviation museums. I've been to some on my work travels, but I'm currently planning a trip to the USA to tick off some of their offerings. I'm going to try to use points to get me there. Staff travel is just too iffy. The list I want to see: 1. Chino (in LA)...
  10. jb747

    Which airline to book with...?

    I'm looking at booking a trip to NZ. I can book it directly with Emirates, or via Qantas as a code share. I want to actually fly on EK. At the moment, the prices on both booking engines appear to be the same. I don't care about points with either airline. Is there any particular reason to book...
  11. jb747

    Europe from the back seat

    Having been to parts of Europe many times during my flying life, I'm now starting to see it from the other side. No more 36 hour stays, but sadly I have to pay for the accommodations. This trip has stops in Singapore, Zurich, Salzburg, Vienna, Graz, Ljubljana, Venice, Florence, Lucca, Milan...
  12. jb747

    The view from the other side...

    Well, six months down the road from retiring, and I ventured back on to a QF A380, for a 'boys trip' to Las Vegas with my son. The impulse to just wander around as if I owned the aircraft is still pretty strong. We booked in PE. Commercial tickets, just like everyone else. Contrary to the...
  13. jb747

    Booking engines

    I've always been curious about some of the seemingly silly transit times that some passengers have. Bookings that don't make any allowance for any possibility of delay are pretty common. Now that I'm looking at using the booking systems myself, I guess I'm starting to see why. Some of the...
  14. jb747

    Query about lounge access

    I have an elderly relative flying from Cairns to Albury, via Sydney, later in the year. He's flying business class on the sector to Sydney, but it doesn't exist on the Qlink sector to Albury. Will he be able to access the lounge during the 3 hour wait in Sydney?
  15. jb747

    Krisflyer email verification

    I've just been looking at opening a new Krisflyer account. Like most, it finishes with the statement that it will send an email, basically to verify that the email address is real. Normally such an email is pretty much instant, but this seems to be coming by boat. Is this normal?
  16. jb747

    For the IT gurus [Network routing issue to AFF]

    Over the last couple of days I've had an odd issue accessing this forum from any computer at home. If I enter any australianfrequentflyer address, the browser stalls, and never loads the page. If I use a foreign VPN I get access, but if I use an Australian VPN server I end up stalled as well...
  17. jb747

    Another window gone...

    An amazing event, that I'm surprised had such a good outcome... Sichuan Airlines flight 3U8633 loses windscreen in flight – Flightradar24 Blog
  18. jb747

    How on earth do you actually use points?

    Whilst I know all about the mechanics of the flying game, I know nothing about how you use your points. For various reasons, in a year or two, I'd like to look at getting to Europe, probably from Singapore, using points. Looking at the Krisflyer system, flights mostly seem to be waitlisted right...
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    Etihad flight from Abu Dhabi to Sydney makes emergency landing at ...
  20. jb747

    A question (AMEX) points to KF

    Curiosity.....roughly how many Amex points would be required to get a Singair J class seat from Melbourne to Singapore, return. Without being a member of anything, I don't seem to be able to look it up.