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  1. Economy_Gold

    Hilton (brand) returning to MEL

    I recently stayed at the Hilton Melbourne and it was a mixed bag, but I would generally agree that it is not worth what it charges. I really like the interiour design and the architecture combining an old law chambers with a new built tower, also the location is great in the heart of the CBD...
  2. Economy_Gold

    Qantas app trips not syncing

    Mine is now also working
  3. Economy_Gold

    Qantas app trips not syncing

    I made bookings earlier this week and since then the issue is there. It is very annoying (and I also tried re-installing etc...)
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    Qantas Domestic & International Business Class meals/menus

    MEL-SYD dinner flight with some lamb dish that turned out to be mostly eggplant parmigiana with small amounts of lamp. Tasty and overall good. Beside some nasty weather-related delays, my issue with the flight were the four Qantas staff in uniform taking all seats in row 2 of the 737. We were...
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    Is the Qantas Premier Platinum historically a good offer? 100k points for $199 fee

    I got this card successfully, but I too have learned over the years that "it's Citi" is an important component of dealing with them. Their criteria are mysterious and it is not worth making a complaint as they have every right to select their customers.
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    Fly Well. New QF Covid procedures

    I think of myself as a very rational person - that is exactly the reason why I understand risk management. Life is full of risks and unintended consequences. When very respected institutions such as the Sydney Brain and Mind Centre clearly say that Australia will have significantly more death...
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    QANTAS takes A380s out of circulation [and reduces flights]

    In Australia also Virgin, but given the much smaller international flight schedule of Virgin that would not really matter. The important and expensive case is QF.
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    QANTAS takes A380s out of circulation [and reduces flights]

    While I would really like to see such a solution that would remove the need to overload the callcentre, I think it will only happen if the Australian Government supports Qantas. Otherwise I have doubts that the cashflow situation of the company (like most international airlines) would allow a...
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    QANTAS takes A380s out of circulation [and reduces flights]

    This requirement practically closes the Australian borders to all tourist, business visitors and will also massivly reduce the number of Australians going overseas. Therefore I expect QF to cancel most international services, including the last 2 A380s.
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    Qantas - what will Coronavirus mean in the medium term?

    In Germany when there is a lack of work companies can apply to get "Kurzarbeitergeld" (literally short work money) for their employees. Then the unemployment insurance is paying for a large share of the original income while the workers temporary do not work, but they are still technically...
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    Free Hi all. First class lounge access free 1 pass only - exp. Feb 26

    If the pass is still available, my old mother (over 75) will be flying out of Sydney tomorrow on QF and I am sure she would very much appreciate the amazing opportunity to visit the First Class Lounge. Please let me know if it is still available and I will provide you with the details for the...
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    Current F Lounge Menu (SYD/MEL) and relevant topics

    That fits with my recent experiences there: too few staff for the number of (often time-poor) customers to deliver even service you would get in any decent restaurant. In my view this all adds to the cost cuts in the Qantas First Class lounges: cheaper food options, cheaper champagne and wines...
  13. Economy_Gold

    Sydney QF First Lounge v Emirates Business Lounge

    For me it's actually the other way around - I prefer Moet (and Veuve to a degree) over Pommery. Each to their own ;)
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    "oneworld" award (132.4K/249.6K/318K/455K) Planning - The Definitive Thread

    My understanding is that the co-payment (taxes and fuel surcharges) vary daily due to currency movements and due to changes in other items such as the fuel surcharges and sometimes also the airport fees. In my case they worked in my favor: Changing within a Oneworld Reward ticket from one...
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    "oneworld" award (132.4K/249.6K/318K/455K) Planning - The Definitive Thread

    And to provide a perfect example of different tasts: I actually prefer AA in J over LA in J. Service can be hit and miss with both, but in my experience it happens much more often that staff on LA just deliver the minimum service and are rarely seen in the cabin except for the meal service.
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    Member Offers oneworld award Surcharges / Taxes Check

    Hi @madrooster Thank you so much for offering this help! I would great appreciate your calculation for my OWR booking in F (Qantas says it is AUD 2,552.24, which seems too much to me) 1 | JUNE 2020 | QF1 | SYD | LHR | First 2 | JUNE 2020 | BA281 | LHR | LAX | Business 3 | JUNE 2020 | AY2| LAX...
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    Loyalty is a one way affair - goodbye QFF

    As outlined earlier in the thread, the power imbalance between consumers and companies that can dictate terms on the consumers has been addressed by the ACCC in other industries, but unfortunately not nearly enough in the airline industry. Having a EU 261/2004-style compensation scheme in...
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    Current F Lounge Menu (SYD/MEL) and relevant topics

    Indeed Nestor is a great asset for Qantas and I wish everyone at the First Class(!) lounge would deliver customer service at his standard.
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    Life Silver Recognition? Nope accused of made up crime and threatened with arrest..

    This is not relevant at all in this case as the privacy laws in some countries (like in Germany) make it illegal to photograph/video someone without his/her permission. The situation in Australia is very different. In regards to the situation describt, while I think that in principle it is a...
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    Lost luggage Sydney int chaos

    At least I am not the only "victim" of this system ;) But honestly if this is a regular occurance, I wonder why this "premium airline" Qantas does not look into it and improves the system? As some have said, the best is not to check in luggage at all, but that is not really possible for a...