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    General Motor Racing Discussion

    Anyone going this weekend?
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    Obviously two out of three ain’t bad for BA priority luggage

    Ah. Good old BA LHR-MAD. Flight full, harassed passengers put hand luggage in hold. Obviously took up too much weight so offloaded priority luggage and left it behind. Well, for BA I guess two out of three ain’t bad. They keep making a habit of this however. Not good.
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    Hitchhiker's is back!

    New Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy episodes broadcast on BBC Radio 4 A new series of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy begins tonight. Please don't screw it up Episodes - Episode 1, Hexagonal Phase, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - BBC Radio 4 Still have the original cassette tapes...
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    Watched Threads Email Notifications

    What happened overnight? The email alerts used to contain the text of the post. Now they are all just blank? I made no change so what happened on AFF? Is this another CDN problem? Do you need to upgrade the CDN cache frequency?
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    First FF status

    Found this on an old carry on on the weekend. Not the first status badge but after ten years of OS travel as silver etc, finally reached an elite in '98. Long time ago.
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    Australia Departure Cards - Still Necessary/What Happens to them?

    BNE this evening fo EK fly got. Go to kiosk to print out departure card from Brisbane Airports iPhone app, MrsTMA's works fine, mine, the barcode thingy reader refuses to recognise it. Tried 3 different machines, no go. Deleted it and created a new one. This time "computer says no", again...
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    AMEX and DCC

    From what I read, AMEX have forbidden the charging of DCC when one pays in Australian Dollars. So, if I buy an airfare from Amex travel, which is for inter-European travel, and they show me the price in Australian Dollars, does this mean that they will charge the exact A$ price to my (Amex) card...
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    Flight change due to earthquakes

    Have flown AirNZ many times and have been happy with the airline and flights. We had booked AKL to Blenheim in late December then Blenheim- Wellington- Queenstown in early January as 2nd top fare level ( "Flexi time") but we have decided it's just silly to fly down to the earthquake area in...
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    Rick Stein's long weekends

    An interesting series BBC Two - Rick Stein's Long Weekends
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    Sheraton Edinburgh

    Just finished an excellent 5 night stay at the Sheraton in Edinburgh. Excellent. We had a club room with castle view. Very comfortable, good bed, excellent lounge. Ilona in particular in the lounge was always a bright part of the lounge with very good service. Lounge had v good canopee in...
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    Le Meridian Picadilly or Conrad

    For London stay in October, Le Meridian Picadilly seems an attractive Starwood property and they do have a buy 4 get 2 free offer, but the hotel reviews are a concern with many complaints of it being an old tired hotel (this is London after all). One of our favourites used to be the...
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    Made it

    Just made EK WP after BNE-DXB-SEA. Wheeeee.:) One receives a free gift plus free SG status for family or friend. Now have the dilemma of whether to requalify for QF WP or keep stacking up EK points and status...
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    Seattle, Vancouver Island, Willamette Valley, Portland the long way round

    Just embarking on trip to Seattle, Vancouver Island and the Willamette Valley for Pinot Noir on EK F BNE via DXB. EK lounge Brisbane. very nice buffet, duck pie, salmon cakes, chips!, nice steak, very nice entrées and desserts, excellent wines. And we haven't boarded yet.:) Nice wines Duck...
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    NYC To Milan $7K in F fir two!

    Why don't we have such specials? Fantastic deal. NYC to Milan 7K return in First for two people. Jeez. Special fares for two to Italy | Special Offers | Destinations
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    Vale VH-OJA

    Vale Qantas 747 VH-OJA. Longest 747 flight LON-SYD direct in 20 hrs 9 mins. 13,833 flights. 25.3 years service 85 million Kms. did 2 flights on it some years ago.
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    Safari on iPad crash when reading AFF

    Recently, Safari on my iPad displays the AFF site then after 20 seconds or so crashes with an error that the page had caused an error and has to be reloaded. It seems like possibly a bad script or one of the annoying adds or javascript/flash/other cough that is also displayed automatically on...
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    Poor form or normal?

    In BNE lounge this evening on DXB Flight, fellow in lounge keeps going to various bars and walking back with bottles covered in paper to put in his carry on. At least 2 bottles of scotch so far.:) Fair? Pushing it? Normal?
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    Outreageous DCC fee for Emirates flights

    A heads up about (apparently) new practices for Westpac and Emirates fares. Westpac are adding what to us seems illegal charges for foreign exchange charges if the company has a head office outside Australia, despite receiving an invoice in Australian dollars from the local company office. We...
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    The new Park Royal Sydney

    We often stay at the Intercontinental in Sydney but decided to try something different after the disastrous changes to the lounge food they had done last time we stayed. The view is one of the best in Sydney but the food in the lounge last time we were there (August) had changed to "give our...
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    Sheep in BA F Lounge

    Anyone noticed the four sheep photos on the wall as you enter the BA F lounge in terminal 3 at LHR. Note sure where they were taken but it looks like maybe Avebury. (One of my favourite sites in UK. Nice Red Lion pub for winter lunches and mulled wine.) Fabulous set of photos.