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  1. ksthommo

    Vaccine Rollout in Australia - personal accounts.

    Same as QF029, second Pfizer jab yesterday morning. Sore arm and tired, have had a few naps since. Medicare app already updated this morning.
  2. ksthommo

    Vaccine Rollout in Australia - personal accounts.

    Lucked in and got 1st Pfizer last week (closer to sixty then fifty). Sore arm for a while, all good now. 2nd jab 10 June. Hopefully feeling okay for the Saints/Crows game here in Cairns on the 12th. Saints need a helping hand :(
  3. ksthommo

    Check Accor Plus free night availability

    My stay plus night expires 30 November 2021, both Ibis Styles Hobart and Movenpick Hotel Hobart have Stay Plus nights available for 29 November. Guessing you would be right if you booked that far out (April 2022)
  4. ksthommo

    Members' Only Sale 30% off 72 Hours

    Cairns or Port Douglas don't make the grade.
  5. ksthommo

    Cairns Hotels?

    Accor Pullman Hotels in Cairns don't have executive lounges. Hilton may be the only hotel in Cairns with one? You could check out the Crystalbrook Collection, newest hotels in Cairns City. Australia Luxury Hotels & Resorts | Crystalbrook Collection Forgot about Shangri La...
  6. ksthommo

    Qantas Centenary Lager

    Qantas Centenary Four Pillars Gin 700ml $90 or 15,660 points
  7. ksthommo

    Free 1 x Free $25 Jetstar Hotel Voucher

    Another code valid for 14 days 9D4QFH3VYHMEYEKM
  8. ksthommo

    VA economy

    Here's the economy menu, sales will be down with these prices.
  9. ksthommo

    Accor Fast Track to Silver/Gold/Platinum

    Confirmed on the weekend, stayed on the comp night in Port Douglas. Paid for dinner on the credit card linked to my Accor Plus Account. If you haven't linked a credit card, My Account\Bank Cards (Pay with this card in the restaurant to earn Reward Points)
  10. ksthommo

    Long wait for refund for cancelled reward flights Qantas - a common experience?

    Cancelled Reward Booking JQ91 DPS/CNS 27JUL20 in April 2020. Finally got the IDR refunded back to my credit card in December 2020 after a few emails. Took another couple of emails to get the 14,400 points refunded this month.
  11. ksthommo

    Free 1 x Free $25 Jetstar Hotel Voucher

    Here's 3 codes after todays $20 Club Jetstar Sale. TZ9H2ZZGCWJ9YEDN 6VZTMWZR7PHKCA7Q DPT7JY94THWCM29X
  12. ksthommo

    Qantas Centenary Lager

    On the drinks trolley in Economy Class. Didn't notice the cans in Business Class, sitting in 4C. Already had two on the flight, handed a third, didn't want another toilet trip, brought it home unopened.
  13. ksthommo

    Qantas Centenary Lager

    Available last night on the Brisbane/Cairns flight.
  14. ksthommo

    Free 1 x Free $25 Jetstar Hotel Voucher

    Welcome Mulga, it’s yours, message sent.
  15. ksthommo

    Free 1 x Free $25 Jetstar Hotel Voucher

    Got another one valid to 25 March, any takers? First PM can have it.
  16. ksthommo

    Free ** GONE ** 'Free Stuff' P1 lounge passes x2 - expire 3 Apr

    Hi Matt, I could use one at the Brisbane Business Lounge later this month. Regards, Kevin
  17. ksthommo

    Qantas Centenary Lager

    Here's one from last century TOOHEYS EXPORT PILSENER specially canned for QANTAS BEER CAN 370ml AUSTRALIA
  18. ksthommo

    Suspect email in response to a missing Accor points enquiry

    In the past when Accor points haven't posted, I've emailed the hotel stayed at directly. Points have posted after the email exchange. May be different if bonus points are in question.
  19. ksthommo

    ANZ Black: Can I request Complimentary Qantas Lounge Passes and then cancel the card?

    Once they are loaded to your Qantas FF Account, their yours to keep or transfer. You wont lose them.