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  1. snufl

    QF Final 747 flights - SYD, BNE & CBR

    We watched her fly over Shellharbour Airport from upstairs in our house. Then she turned and flew right over our roof and out to sea. Mixed emotions of excitement and sadness.
  2. snufl

    Is it Time to transfer/withdraw points from Velocity?

    Info for those waiting for gift cards. I ordered a few JB Hi-Fi on 26th March and the postie just delivered registered post. Status still shows as "pending".
  3. snufl

    Amex D-Day Approaching (14/4/19)!

    1 more than me and 2 more than my husband :)
  4. snufl

    After D-Day, Whats your new strategy?

    I am one of the lucky ones with the Reserve, it was offered to me many years ago. Will keep it due the increased earn for Insurance/Utilities/Telecoms and no real change to my everyday spend pattern. My husband has the Edge, has been with Amex since 1983. Will continue to use it for...
  5. snufl

    Reduced AMEX earn rates from April 2019

    My husband had an interesting chat back in February. We don't have a transcript but the wording was very close to this.Hubby explained he was saving points for KF but, because of the 3 year expiry, did not want to transfer now. He asked, as he did not use travel credit, has held Amex since 1983...
  6. snufl

    Reduced AMEX earn rates from April 2019

    A big thank you to everyone who replied. It seems I was more than a little confused. I somehow thought points were not available for redemption until after the statement was issued and that meant avoiding big transactions after my March statement date. Glad to find out I was wrong. Avoiding...
  7. snufl

    Reduced AMEX earn rates from April 2019

    Thanks, when I checked my last statement it was: Statement: Nov 20 to Dec 19 Points: Nov 13 to Dec 12 however, after reading your reply, I went to Redeem and the balance available is real time. I really appreciate your reply, it takes some pressure off.
  8. snufl

    Reduced AMEX earn rates from April 2019

    I'm a little confused about the 19th April change. My statement date is the 20th and from the T&Cs the rewards points cut off up to 6 days earlier (any after this reflect next statement) so that would be the 13th. From this I'm thinking any points for purchases I make after the 13th March would...
  9. snufl

    Combined Marriott and SPG program

    Thank you JohnPhelan and oz-mark, I really appreciate your replies. This morning, after hearing from you, I logged in to combine accounts and found the problem. Yesterday I used my old username and password to access SPG, it logged in and showed zero points.Today I did the same thing but a...
  10. snufl

    Combined Marriott and SPG program

    Hi, hoping someone can help with this. I knew about the merger, joined Marriott and linked accounts a while ago. Today Iogged into my SPG account. My name and status are there, well it says Gold whereas I am Lifetime Gold but I know that may still have to be updated. My concern is that my points...
  11. snufl

    28 Degrees card exchange rate?

    I use this link and find it accurate. Just choose AUD in the base currency drop down box.
  12. snufl

    Current Starwood Privilege Benefits

    10% off any publicly available rate I'm angry if Privilege is still saying that, it is plain wrong. If you can recoup more than the membership fee through the dining benefits then go ahead, but if you book prepaid rates you will almost always get a better rate than Privilege in my...
  13. snufl

    Amex Platinum Edge Card, with 20000 joining bonus (valid to March 2011)

    The 20K points posted today.
  14. snufl

    W Hong Kong Hotel

    Have to agree with you Alanslegal. Last time we arrived in HK it was raining. Took the Airport Express and got from the airport to hotel reception without ever having to step out into the weather. Checked our bags at the railway station for the return... it is just too easy. Love this hotel.
  15. snufl

    Amex Platinum Edge Card, with 20000 joining bonus (valid to March 2011)

    I know some people have been told the points won't post until after end March, but we didn't want to wait only to be told we were not registered (has happened to us before). Then we would have to go through the process of faxing proof etc...more delays. Phoned Amex Rewards today. Our $500...
  16. snufl

    Jetstar, which airport KUL?

    Wow, that was fast. Thanks oz_mark.
  17. snufl

    Jetstar, which airport KUL?

    Sorry if this has been asked before but I've searched and can't find an answer. I want to book a flight KUL to SIN. Does Jetstar fly out of KLIA or LCCT? I'm looking at Jetstar or Air Asia but I'd prefer to fly out of KLIA just to cut the time to get to the airport from KL Sentral.
  18. snufl

    Reminder- Categories change 1st March

    futaris I'm sure The Sheraton on the Park is now 5 (not 6).
  19. snufl

    Reminder- Categories change 1st March

    Just a reminder that hotel categories change 1st March. Most Australian hotels are going up. So if you are planning to redeem some nights with points you'll save by redeeming now.
  20. snufl

    Famous people seen (or even met) whilst flying or lounging

    Richard Branson LHR to HKG early Sept 2010. What impressed me was that he took what I think must be the worst upper class seat on the plane. Centre row, at the front, right opposite the toilet. People waiting for the loo would stand and stare over his shoulder, seemed there was a lot of interest...