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    QF to get A319 maybe

    A little bird told me QF Link may be getting A319's. Has anyone else heard anything? Apparently crew will be on lesser rates than JQ.:shock: Meloz
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    Amusing QF baggage policy in SMH

    Funny story from the back page of SMH. I FLY a lot. After all these years I still like it, despite the just-plain-rude Sydney airport charges. I try to just go with the flow.................. Please watch for Monty Python and flying circus Meloz
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    Latest decision on 787

    An interesting meeting regarding the 787. YouTube - Hitler's 787 Delayed Meloz
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    Hi I'm looking for help and guidance from those experienced in the following conundrum. I was recently convicted for drug use in a foreign country. :? After spending 90 days in custody I am thinking of taking a break and travelling DPS-SIN in BIZ to do some shoe shopping. Ideally...
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    Mumbai OW lounges

    I'm heading to Mumbai next month and have read how bad the QF lounge is. What other options does an emerald have there? Cheers Meloz
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    SYD T1 4th Nov

    Greetings I will be departing T1 this Friday. I should be airside 12:15-14-30 if anyone wants to hook up for a beer or access Biz or F lounge. Meloz
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    Z award SYD-BKK return up for grabs late March

    I have cancelled award bookings in the past, and it dawned on me the other day that it might be a good idea to post the flights prior to cancellation, so that with some coordination others on the board may be able to take advantage of the new availability. I have a Z award booked SYD-BKK...