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    Beach/ocean side trip for 2 for Easter

    Hey everyone, I'm back ! Looking for some trip ideas to do over Easter break. As ALWAYS I'm late to do the planning and won't be surprised if I end up spending Easter at my western Sydney apartment, with no where to go because all nice places are booked. Anyhow, I thought I'd post this here...
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    AMEX Qantas travel bookings - these days?

    Hello AFF'ers, Has anyone been successful trying to book tickets via amex using the amex travel credit? I'm looking for flights SYD-CBR for 03/02, but no flights are returned in amex, but available in QF website Cheers, Ade
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    HBA - Tour suggestions - Dec 2020 & NYE

    Hello dear AFF'ers, Trust yourself & everyone you know are safe during this pandemic. A very good friend of mine & I are planning to do a road trip across Tasmania during the last weeks of Dec 2020 and planning to spend the NYE in HBA. Our idea is to fly MEL-HBA and hire a car. The plan is to...
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    QF or JQ hotel voucher

    Hello there fellow AFF'ers, I've got a short personal hotel booking coming up and was wondering if anyone had any QF or JQ vouchers that I could use? to offset some of the cost? Thanks in advance, Ade
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    Unable to book QF Codeshare with UL using AMEX Qantas Ultimate travel credit

    Hey fellow AFF'ers, Just got some information that we are unable to use AMEX travel credit to book QF codeshare UL flights !! I was trying to book SYD-MEL-SIN-CMB-MAA-CMB-SIN-MEL-SYD using $450 travel credit and options with UL was not listed. I chatted with customer service and was told that...
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    Suggestion needed - another Amex Qantas Ultimate or Amex Qantas business rewards

    Dear AFF'ers, I've got a question : I'm looking to sign up for another credit card - got some expenses coming up and was thinking it would be better if I put them on a new credit card rather than existing ones. I've got a Qantas AMEX Ultimate - love it, $450 travel credit each year cancels...
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    Gifting QF lounge pass to a mate's family

    Dear AFF'ers, I'm planning to gift lounge passes to a mate's family of 4 (2 adults, 1 kid 3 years old and the other 1 year old). They are flying from MAA-CMB-SIN-SYD, all legs ticketed on QF. SIN-SYD is QF2. My mate is NB with QF. How may QF lounge passes should I give him? I thought I'd...
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    QFF Platinum - How long before request for reward seat be confirmed ?

    Dear fellow AFF'ers, I've got a question - I've got to take a flight, SYD-MEL on 1st Feb and was planning on using the QFF Platinum perk (or convenience or favor ?) to request for 1 classic reward seat to be released. Cabin : Y Date of Request : 25/01 Date of Travel : 01/02 Time of flight...
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    QF or JQ hotel voucher

    Hello there fellow AFF'ers, I've got a huge personal hotel booking coming up and was wondering if anyone had any QF or JQ vouchers that I could use? to offset some of the cost? Thanks in advance, Ade
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    First ever Status Run to QF Platinum

    Hello There fellow AFF'ers, Ok, I've never written anything this big on AFF, this is my first time :) I'm not sure if I'd call this a trip report. I've read some TR's on this website and OMG, I'm no way close to that ... but I thought it would be great if I penned down how my first ever status...
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    Where to buy David Caon merchandise

    Hello Everyone, Just wondering, if I have to purchase the stemless wine glass designed by David Caon for QF, where do I purchase it ? I tried calling up David Caon's studio in Sydney, no answer. Left them a voice and requested a call, but I'm not holding my breath Searched on Qantas Store...
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    QF Gold - express path card - SYD

    Hello fellow AFF'ers, As QF Gold, is one entitled to receive express path cards (inbound and outbound) out of SYD? By entitled, I mean is ex-path part of the perk of being QF Gold, similar to having your bags tagged as business/priority, without asking :) My recent experiences have been...
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    Need help - flying in family members for a holiday

    Hello Fellow AFF'ers, I live in Sydney. My parents and sibling are based in Chennai, India. I'm planning to bring my parents, sibling and two other family members for a holiday to Sydney. The dates for the holiday are around last week of October until second week of Nov 2019. I'm going to...
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    Unable to get the same fare as shown on ITA Matrix

    Hey fellow AFF'ers, My mate is travelling from SYD-DEL via KUL on MH departing SYD on 25 Nov 2019, return 22 Dec 2019. The fare class on ITA Matrix is N and other websites are only showing/selling Class L or M I used ITA Matrix to find the fares and was able to snatch 2 adult and 1 child fare...
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    QF Seat Selection - Not Working?

    Hello fellow AFF'ers, Has anyone recently faced any issues in selecting seats on QF Intl. flights? Flight numbers : 1. QF127 - SYD-HKG - 14/Aug/2019 2. QF8255/CX631 - HKG-MAA - 14/Aug/2019 3. QF8240/CX632 - MAA-HKG - 17/Aug/2019 4. QF128 - HKG-MAA - 17/Aug/2019 I tried, for the past one...
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    Virgin mocks Qantas with bill board ad

    LOL Link to article : Virgin mocks Qantas with "Huge news" billboard - Travel Weekly
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    Free QF lounge pass expiring 03 July 2019

    Hey everyone in AFF, I've got a QF General lounge pass - can be used in QF international J or domestic club expiring on 03 July 2019. Happy to give it away for free if anyone is interested.
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    Can I take bread and cheese on board?

    Hey everyone, Probably a dumb question - did some google search before posting here. Got some positive answers for the bread, not so positive for the cheese, so thought I'd ask - Can I take bread and spreadable goat's cheese on board an international flight ? More details : I've recently...
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    Overnight lounge access in SIN - QF Gold/OW Sapphire

    Hello everyone, I'm travelling MEL-SIN on QF reaching SIN at 22:30, connecting to DEL via KUL on MH at 06:30 AM next day. Are there any lounges where I could spend the night and refresh before heading out next morning ? I'm QF Gold. I rang up MH to check if they've got any 24 hour lounges in...
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    VA - How to know if an international flight is short or long haul ?

    Hey everyone, So, I'm new to VA and trying to understand how to know if an international flight is short or long haul ? I understand, the classification is based on the distance between origin and destination. Does anyone know what's that distance? Also in VA website, classifications are as...