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    Plane crash at Essendon DFO

    I think you mean counter rotating. Meloz
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    Ridiculous carry on baggage

    D. B. Cooper disagrees!
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    Ridiculous carry on baggage

    I shared a Dash 8 cabin with 3 cellos once. Each instrument had its own seat and was accompanied by the artists.
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    Two Qantas group Fokkers clip tails at Paraburdoo

    I see what you did there!
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    A Magic Carpet Tour of Persia

    Re fast food. I found a fake KFC in Shiraz. It was a complete copy, even down to the trade mark stamp. The 11 secret herbs and spices have not made their way to Iran just yet though.
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    A Magic Carpet Tour of Persia

    That's why we travel, to see something different. I enjoyed driving for miles and miles in the desert surrounded by mountains. Stunning in it's own way.
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    A Magic Carpet Tour of Persia

    When I tried similar photography from my hotel window in Esfahan the manager was knocking on my door 5 minutes later stating neighbours were complaining I was trying to film inside their houses. I was actually videoing an aircraft contrail with the mountains in the back ground. I explained I was...
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    A Magic Carpet Tour of Persia

    I visited Iran 2 years ago and did a 1,500 km road trip over 2 weeks. Whilst traveling in the middle of nowhere my driver told me not to take photos in the area. When I enquired why, he pointed to the right and said "That is the Anarak Nuclear Facility" At the time I had a gopro with a magnetic...
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    Virgin Australia Delays/Cancellations

    VA 64 DPS-SYD diverted to BME due sick pax. Overweight landing 03:00 local, no engineers to sign off after required inspection before crew run out of hours. All pax accommodated and scheduled to now depart 22:30 hrs for 06:00 arrival in SYD some 30 hours after original departure. Meloz
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    Virgin and Jetstar cancel Bali flights due to Volcanic eruptions

    Maybe. The reference to Garuda and a year old picture taken somewhere else is the part that threw me.
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    Virgin and Jetstar cancel Bali flights due to Volcanic eruptions

    The aircraft was covered in ash whilst on the ground. I'm sure other carriers had their aircraft covered in ash at the same time. Not sure how the photo makes Oz carriers safer than Indo.
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    Virgin and Jetstar cancel Bali flights due to Volcanic eruptions

    This photo was taken over 1 year ago on the Island of Java and has nothing to do with the current situation.
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    2015 F1 Thread

    Shortened race for sure.
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    2015 F1 Thread

    Good place for a stroll. Must have had money on Daniel.
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    Qantas returns to Bali

    Garuda are now an awesome operator Domestic and Inter compared to QF. They have sorted their safety issues so as to be allowed back into the game. Meloz
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    CBR fog and ice

    So how are they de-icing and is the airfield set up for it environmentally?
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    Bloody Mary

    I agree, they are very moreish.
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    Arrested in Abu Dhabi for exposing a disabled park thief?

    Or stay home full stop. Then the boogie man can't get you at all. Seriously you all sound like your parents told you Keyser Söze lives in the Middle East.
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    Sydney delays

    It's been reported QF 122 diverted Richmond!!
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    2015 F1 Thread

    Timing on the F-1 site was available over the weekend for nil charge however the new format is a let down on past years. Meloz