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    Internet at AA lounges

    Seems there has been a change for AA to only offer the day pass internet (T-mobile) cards in the flagship lounges now although although in DFW the lady said as i was OWE she would give me one and thought that should always be the case although she did seem to think the policy was as i just...
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    JQ30 delayed

    Not news, and 3.5hrs i would not stress over, JQ30 is delayed. Jetstar plane stuck on runway for four hours | Travel News | But what i really hate is the B717's file pic. How boring.
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    Wiki for travel hints ?

    I have been thinking of all the little hints have given me about my current trip (thanks all those that have given be very useful hints) and all the ones i have collected myself.... Is there any interest to setup a sort of closed (AFF signed in members only, could we include FT and SQtalk ? or...
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    Overseas ATM issues - no money but charged

    Well its happened, I used an ATM (no skimming device i am 100% sure) and made the transaction, was told it was not possible, no receipt or $$ and its been reflected on my account. I have contacted HSBC but lets just see what happens. I hope its easy to resolve. Good news is it was in a bank and...
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    I Love the Negotiator !

    The negotiator comes to the rescue again :) Sure enough i managed great rooms in hotels like the Hyatt for $75 USD :) when the cheapest rates that hotel had available through other means was $209 USD. No if only i could negotiate a better FD on a great itinery i may do later in the year... hmmm.
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    U2 - Barcelona, Spain 30th June

    Well as luck would have it my dates in Ireland did not work out and i was really hoping for Slane castle as the venue andway but i have some time in London from 29/6-1/7 and was wondering what to do... well i think i found the answer ! U2 in Spain :) LHR-BCN is cheap, Accomodation is...
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    Ok guru's. Any good suggestions for hotels in BOS, MIA, SFO (late june if season is a factor). Prefer not to difficult to get from the airport's. NYC and DFW i think i have a good handle on, for NYC i welsome any ideas but DFW was discussed recently with many good ideas. Also Muscat ...
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    29F on a QF 744 ?

    Now i could be stupid... but what config has seat 29F on a QF 744, especially QF6 on 16/5/09 SIN-SYD ??? 2 class has whY in row 29 on one config... but only a galley etc where the F seat would be, the other 2 class has a 29F but its a J seat is it not ? Have i been pre-allocated and Op-Up ...
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    Best smart phones

    I know there was some discussion on a thread now missing i think.... Need a new phone, Best smart phone out there and why ? - GPS with offline maps, worldwide (Europe, Asia, USA, Aust etc) - Turn by Turn navigation nice to have - Able to be a Modem for computer (have a data sim) - Decent...
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    How to get out on JNB in July

    Well i thought i would throw this out to everybody since you guys may just have a better idea than me. I finish a xONEx on about 5th July in JNB, how to get back to Singapore.... - SQ award - JNB-LHR/FRA/MAD etc and LHR/FRA/MAD to SIN, or via HKG to take advantage of the cheap whY LHR-HKG...
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    Waitlisting on SQ award seats

    Wondering if anybody has waitlisted on a SQ award seat ? any experience on how often it clears ? I am tempted just to try it since i have some time to see if it actually works. Some bargains if you can use the 50% miles discount at the moment on SQ
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    Should i do it ?? (fly EK)

    Last time was horrible ! but that was a little while ago now.... Should i do it again ? fly EK ? At half the price of QF,BA,SQ on SIN-MEL-SIN i am actually thinking about doing it !!! Thats a whY airfare... EK = 414, the rest 800+ EK is on B777 (no idea what config) QF is on a 744 SQ is on a...
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    AKL Hotels

    Anybody got any advice for a nice AKL hotel, i will be on the very anti social LA flight on my last morning. In 2 minds if i should stay close to the airport but did not see anything good, is there ? or a nice place in the city. Any hints from anybody ? Crowne plaza maybe ? Westin seems a...
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    MH taxes are just silly !

    I know there is some taxes and fuel surcharges but really MH have gone nuts :lol: International airfare deals from $138 | Travel | hhhhhh :shock::rolleyes: Taxes etc are more than 10 times the base fare for some destinations ! And the fares mentioned here are not really...
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    Qf9 Mel-sin 19/1/09

    Well.... apparently a flap problem, boarded and back to the gate, sitting in the lounge ever since.... 17:05 planned departure is now 23:15 or 23:30. Not really interesting except i wont get much sleep tonight ... grrrr. E
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    Amex - Singapore / Australia

    So i spend most of my days in Singapore and now i will do all my future work expenses in Singapore. I cant decide if i should take my Amex to Singapore using the transfer country option or apply for a new one there. I will of course have another local SGD CC (UOB/HSBC/etc but open to idea there...
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    My view on QF Prem whY

    Well i have been op'uped recently a few times and last night again from whY to Premium whY (The joys of travel this time of the year on full flights being WP/OWE) For those who are wondering, yes the middle seats may have a little extra leg room but you wont notice it unless your in the middle...
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    CX miles posting

    I beg somebody to find the thread that was suggesting CX were slow posting miles and that 30 days for some and that it could be a cash flow issue or something.... Well my CX and KA miles just posted within 3 days. :) Even google could not find the thread i wanted :( E
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    Computer security

    This thread got me thinking about what people do to protect there data. If anybody is wondering the lengths i have been known to go to i have my hard disk encrypted, you enter a...
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    xONEx alternative NA options

    A slow sunday downloading new versions of some software and surfing the web planning my Christmas travel. So the question is... (not for Christmas, later in 2009, probably July/August time) i am wondering about some interesting NA options for a DONE3/DONE4 (Simple DONE3 ...