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    ANZ Black: Can I request Complimentary Qantas Lounge Passes and then cancel the card?

    Hi all, I have just received the bonus points for my recently acquired ANZ Black card. I note the card also comes with two complimentary Qantas lounge passes. Can I request these, have them added to my account, and then cancel my card and still retain them? If so, how? Thanks, Brad
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    Is the Qantas Premier Platinum historically a good offer? 100k points for $199 fee

    Hi all, As the title asks... I'm just wondering if the current offer on the Qantas Premier Platinum credit card is a historically good deal (100k points for $199 annual fee). Or, has it been higher before/cheaper annual fee? Thanks
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    Cancelled my Classic Rewards Flight but No Voucher Option Offered?

    Hi all, I was due to fly to USA this Thursday, but we've decided to postpone our trip. We had a flight booking with Qantas from Sydney to San Francisco. It was a Classic Rewards flight. As per Qantas' announcement, they're meant to be offering vouchers. However, when I cancelled my booking...
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    Amex Membership Points to Velocity or Singapore Airlines? I have plenty of Qantas Points.

    Hi all, I know I'm sure this is personal preference, but I'm looking to close my Amex Explorer card but will transfer my points to either Velocity or Krisflyer (Singapore Airlines). I currently have: a. 1.8mil Qantas Frequent Flyer points b. 53,000 Krisflyer points (this is equivalent to one...
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    Qantas Health Insurance 100k points - how?

    HI all, I'm a little confused by the 100k bonus points if you switch to Qantas Health Insurance. What are the main requirements? I had a look through various disclaimers and came across the below link which states 100k "sign on" points will be awarded for various premiums per month...
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    Currently a member of Qantas with 1mil points. Should I also become a Virgin member? Or a Starworld Alliance member?

    HI all, As the title states - I'm currently a Qantas member with 1mil points. I fly once or twice a year to an international destination and am happy to fly economy. I presume I can fly any Oneworld airlines with Qantas points, in addition to individual partnerships such as Emirates. Would it...
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    Can I transfer Amex Membership points between family members?

    HI all, My Dad wants to transfer me some of his American Express Membership points (he uses an Amex Explorer card) to me. Is it possible to transfer between family members? If not, then another alternative is for him to transfer the points into his Krisflyer Account... Can you transfer...
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    How do I see if a points flight is available? Transferring from Amex

    Hi all, I have quite a few Amex points which I am hoping to transfer to Singapore Airlines (Kris Flyers). I need to fly on the 6:05PM Singapore Airlines flight from Sydney to London (via Singapore) on 26th September, arriving at 7:45AM. How can I: 1) Check Singapore Airlines for point flight...
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    Mum spoke to Travel Agent. Said she can book Syd to London Return Business for 280k points. How?!

    Hi all, As the title asks. My mum is travelling to Europe in mid-September 2019 and went to a travel agent to book flights. The travel agent said she can book mum Sydney to London, return, all in Business class, for only 280k points. How is this possible? I myself have quite a few points but...
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    ANZ Black: Do Woolworths Gift Cards count towards minimum spend?

    Hi all, I was approved for the ANZ Black (Qantas) card in mid-January 2019. I thought the minimum spend was $5,000, which I've reached. However, I've had a look online and it looks like the minimum spend is $7,500. As such, I need to urgently spend another $2,500 on my card. I'm currently...
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    ANZ Black (Qantas) - Can I Purchase Gift Cards to reach minimum spend?

    Hi all, I was approved for the ANZ Black (Qantas) card in mid-January 2019. I thought the minimum spend was $5,000, which I've reached. However, I've had a look online and it looks like the minimum spend is $7,500. As such, I need to urgently spend another $2,500 on my card. I'm currently...
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    Is 80,000 QFF Points on the St George Amplify Card good?

    Hi all, I am interested in the St George Amplify card for 80,000 points. However, is 80,000 points good for St George? Have they ever issued cards with more points? Thanks!
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    Help Please! Very confused about transferring Amex Points to Airlines

    Hi all, I am hoping to book a Cathay Pacific flight from Hong Kong to Sydney on the night of April 29th. It is Flight 111 which departs at 6:50PM. There are, however, a couple of other flight options I could take, including Virgin and Qantas. I have 130k Amex Membership Points, and I...
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    ANZ Frequent Flyer Black - Is there a salary requirement?

    Hi everyone, I'm thinking of applying for the ANZ Frequent Flyer Black card (120k bonus Qantas points with a $7,500 spend). I'm just wondering if anyone knows if there is a minimum salary required for this? Thanks
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    What airlines can I transfer Amex points to? Any calculator to say how many points I need?

    Hi all, As the title asks... Could someone please summarise which airlines I can transfer my Amex points to? Or, do people transfer points to Alliances as opposed to individual airlines? Additionally, how can I see how many points are required to fly a particular route without actually...
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    Flights Help: Amex Points and Transferring to Other Airlines?

    Hi all, I'm a Qantas Frequent Flyer but have only recently joined the American Express bandwagon. I've managed to accrue 200k Amex Membership points in the past couple of months. I now have a trip to Asia planned in March 2019. I'm still working out my itinerary, but it looks like I will be...
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    Roughly what $ to point is a good ratio?

    Hi all, I am very new to American Express and redeemed the 100k points on the recent credit card promotions. I now have approx 150k points. I am hoping to fly from London to Dubai and Dubai to Sydney. My questions: 1. Can I buy one ticket and choose my number of days staying in Dubai? i.e...
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    Does Spending on a Supplementary Card give the original account or supplementary account points?

    Hi all. As the title asks. I signed up for an Explorer Card a couple of months ago. I then got a supplementary card for my son. My son, when activating his card, linked his personal Amex username to the card. His supplementary card is linked and is displayed in his online account. My question...
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    For Amex Bonus Points (Explorer), does the primary card need to spend $3k or can the supplementary?

    Hi all, I signed up to the American Explorer card a couple of months ago. I also have a supplementary card for this. My question is, the 'original' card has only spent $2k, and the supplementary card has only spent $1k Will I receive the 100k points? Or does the primary card need to have...
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    Couple of Questions on Amex Bonus Points Cards!

    Hi all, I recently signed up to the Amex Ultimate Card and have successfully spent the $3k in 3 months for 100k Qantas Bonus Points. I now have a couple of questions: 1. If I refer my partner using my Amex Ultimate Card link, but my partner decides to sign up to the Amex Explorer Card, will I...