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    Up to 30% Bonus Velocity Points - May 2021 (participating credit card partners)

    15% bonus Velocity points for participating credit card partners. 20% for some participating cards including platinum charge. ANZ is offering 30% bonus (credit bagpuss)...
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    Claim share of 5 million points by transferring from flybuys to Velocity

    Collect a share of 5 million Flybuys bonus points when you transfer a minimum of 1,000 Flybuys points to Velocity* Flybuys and Velocity are giving away 5 million Flybuys bonus points! Collect 1 share of the 5 million Flybuys bonus points with every 1,000 Flybuys points manually transferred to...
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    Unable to upgrade with Velocity Points / Future Flight Credit Fare

    Hi All, I have just attempted to upgrade a couple of flights I have booked with my future flight credits (elevate fares) and it says that they are not eligible for an upgrade. I find it odd that VA would restrict this. Regards _flyer
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    50 Status Credit Qantas Insurance Posted?

    Hi All, Did anyone take up the 50 status credit offer with Qantas Insurance? My points have posted, but not the status credits. Has anyone received them yet? I thought both the points and status would credit on day 60. Thank you
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    Qantas or Wollies Dollars? No international travel till 2022

    Hi all, I have been sending my Woolworths points to Qantas, but recently changed my redemption to Woolworths dollars. I seem to be accumulating a lot more Qantas points than I’m spending. I also think we are all going to have huge point balances to offload - so it will be difficult to redeem...
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    Status Credits on upgraded flight (points club)

    Hi All, I’m looking at getting a few extra status credits - I’m currently on a domestic classic economy flight (booked via points) if I upgrade to business will I be awarded the additional status credits? I’m Points Club Plus. Thanks
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    Level above Qantas Points Club Plus

    I just saw some information on Facebook that Qantas is considering another level above Qantas Points Club Plus - qualification possibly 800k points per membership year. Benefits they are tossing up include - 200 status credit rollover, first class lounge access passes, Qantas holiday vouchers etc
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    VA Cancels Flights to Adelaide from Sydney Tue, Thurs and Saturdays

    Virgin have cancelled our flight on Saturday 28th November from Sydney to Adelaide. I have been informed they have cancelled Sydney to Adelaide services on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for the next few weeks. I tried to get on the flight the day before, but it’s sold out. I had no option but...
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    Card Promotions 40,000 Qantas Points to upgrade from Qantas Discovery to Ultimate CC - AMEX

    Amex appear to be offering 40,000 Qantas points when you upgrade to the Amex Qantas Ultimate CC from the Discovery CC, not sure if it is targeted or not. You must already hold a Discovery CC with Amex. Follow link to upgrade - Be mindful there is a $450 annual fee which is offset by a $450...
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    Wait for Qantas Club Launch (if ever to launch) or transfer to Asia Miles with 10% promo

    Hi All, Apologies if this has been asked before. I tried searching but couldn’t find anything. Does anyone know the rough timeframe for the launch of the Qantas Points Club? All I can find is that it is set to launch in 2020. No specific dates. I was holding off to transfer a stack of Amex...
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    138k Flybuy Limit to Velocity - frustrating!

    Hi All, Given that Woolies has improved their Qantas earn rates and transfer process. What do you think the chances of Flybuys removing the 138k limit on transfers to Velocity. I find the limit frustrating - we should be able to choose the rewards we want without a limit. At the end of the...