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  1. missafternoondelight

    KUL to BNE flight diverted to DPS for Australian passenger in labour

    Not many details here, I wonder how far along she was. MH's policy says preggos are allowed to travel up until the 35th week of pregnancy. I find that astonishing! It's surprising in a way that this sort of thing doesn't happen more often...
  2. missafternoondelight

    No lounge access for OW Sapphires in HEL while renovations are on?

    Don't know if this warrants a new thread, or if it should go elsewhere.. in any case... thought I would mention that while AY lounge renos are going on, only OW Emeralds and those flying J / F will be admitted into the Aspire Lounge. As a Sapphire (QF SG) I was told by Finnair staff yesterday I...
  3. missafternoondelight

    When to ring Qantas?

    Over the years, I've seen a few posts where ringing Qantas has helped. I thought it might be useful for us to share our experiences of when calling Qantas made a significant difference to the options available to us online. Reason I thought of this is that as a Gold, award seat availability is...
  4. missafternoondelight

    Status Matches for Qantas Frequent Flyers

    Hi All, I've seen a couple of threads on this, but none that are current (might be searching using the wrong terms). A lot of us are considering our options, post-'Simplification Day', with other carriers. Does anyone know of any current status match offers or any carriers who grant status...
  5. missafternoondelight

    MH Europe, Kota Kinabalu J & Y

    Just went to an Malaysia Airlines hosted function for TAs. In the presentation, direct Perth to Sabah was mentioned, $637 return. Also an increase in frequency on the KUL route is just going through regulatory approval, including a 02:00ish Saturday night flight. What interested me the most...
  6. missafternoondelight

    Cancelled flight VA4158 showing as landed

    Hi Guys, My VA flight DPS - PER was cancelled today due to operational reasons. However, their website is showing the flight as 'landed'. What is the protocol on this? I think it is misleading not to update the status, given it was cancelled 2 hours before the scheduled departure time. Do you...
  7. missafternoondelight

    KGI Lounge

    I was in Kal the last couple of days working, and was flying home with 1 colleague and 2 business associates. I hoped to be able to take the associates into the Lounge, but even I couldn't get in there myself - it was full. An attendant who was meant to be standing at Counter 1 to let guests...
  8. missafternoondelight

    Geraldton Regional Lounge?

    Have just hopped off a Skywest flight from GET - PER, and saw the QantasLink poster up in the airport, reminding the pax in the Skywest check in queue that QantasLink flights will be commencing from 21 November. Which begs the question, has anyone heard anything about a Geraldton Regional...
  9. missafternoondelight

    Seoul Mates

    Hi Guys, I'm going to a conference in Seoul from Sunday 23rd - Wednesday 26th October. It's a long shot, but anyone in town that would like to catch up for a drink or two? :)
  10. missafternoondelight

    Misleading advertising flyer - 5 points per $ spent with

    I received a flyer from ANZ today, along with the statement for my QFF Platinum Amex, with a bunch of offers for bonus points. One of them was for 5 bonus points per $1 spent at It directs the reader to for more information. However, on going to this...
  11. missafternoondelight

    JQ to QF INT connection in MEL

    Hi Guys, I'm hoping to make a connection from a JQ DPS-MEL flight, arriving at 07:25, to a 09:30 MEL - ZQN (23 Apr). Booked separately, the JQ in *Class, and the QF in Y (discount Y). The Jetstar website is pretty ambiguous when it comes to making connections to QF, so I called to ask if...
  12. missafternoondelight

    Hi Boys and Girls =D

    I'm a new girl from Perth, seeking some hints and tips and looking forward to meeting some fun QFFs and comparing notes =)