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    Red Energy cancelling sign on points

    Hi All, I signed up to Red Energy a while ago and received the 10,000 bonus sign on points on 8 May. No issues. On 16 June there is an an entry on my FF Points Statement : Tue 16 Jun 2020 CANCELLED - RED ENERGY 08-MAY-2020 ON 16-JUN-2020 -10,000 0 I've just spent 129 minutes in the...
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    When will QF release their new increased timetables?

    Hi All, Apologies if this is being discussed elsewhere but I couldn't find a relevent thread. QF have been running their current timetable for a few weeks now however there has been increased chatter in the past couple of days about easing of restrictions in various states and from 1 June...
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    Classic Rewards cost different points on different days?

    Hi All, I've never noticed this before, and perhaps I'm missing something obvious but I always through classic rewards were a fixed price. Is this not the case? Looking at MEL-BNE I see 8,400 points for 23 July but 12,000 for the 22th of July. Same flights numbers, one day apart. Is it some...
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    Can I book a JQ INTL flight from the QF Website?

    Hi All, I'm looking at flights from SYD-MEL-DPS. I need to RV with my parents in Melbourne before we head off to Bali hence the reason for not going direct. My intent is to do it all in J (such that it is on JQ anyway). The flight from MEL-DPS needs to be on JQ metal. If I look via the JQ...
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    Transfer MR points to partners SQ account

    Hi All, Asking the question for my parents. My moms got 300k MR Points. My dads for 100K MR points.Dad has a KrisFlyer account with 100k miles. The end goal is to have all points under one account for maximum effect. In the past I know you’ve been able to transfer MR points between MR...
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    When is a card deemed cancelled?

    Hi all, I was just about to apply for one of the QF Westpac cards with sign-on bonus and thought to myself I'd do the right thing and ensure I cancelled my last Westpac more than 12 months ago to ensure I was eligible for the bonus points. Checking my old statements it appears I closed the...
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    Qantas Partner (oneWorld) Award Booking Classes

    Hi All, I'm trying to figure out how best to check oneworld award availability for burning my QF Points. Searching via the QF website (classic awards) provides limited options and availability. It certinaly won't seem to let me check flights with other partner airlines not involving QF...
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    Question about JetStar bundles and refunds

    Hi all, I've spent a bit of time on the JQ website but can't seem to establish one way or another... I'm buying a return MEL-DPS flight. The flight over is in Y, the flight back in J. On the flight over I add a $70 "Plus Bundle" that provides some SC, checked baggage etc...but does NOT...
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    Easy Question re Award Refunds

    Hi guys, I've never had to cancel a QF award seat however in the event that I need to, do I get a full refund of the taxes (other charges)? I realise I need to pay the refund fee in points, but on this particular MEL-SIN with EK I'm paying >$650 in charges and I'd like to know if they will...
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    New to Citi QF Rewards - Viewing Online

    Hi Guys, I've bitten the bullet and signed up for the Citi Signature Promo which is supposed to deliver 70,000 QF points and a first year annual fee of $99. I've received the card, called to enroll in the QF Rewards Program, confirmed the the CS agent that I'm enrolled for the 70,000 points...
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    Redemption EY and AB together

    Hey guys, Hoping for a bit of help - I'm burning the last of my VA points for a one way Melbourne - Oslo trip in Jan/Feb in J. I'd love to get it all on the one ticket as I'm carrying two heavy as hell checked bags and don't really want to have to leave the airport and re-check in whilst...
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    Can you claim a tax deduction for work travel booked with FF Miles?

    Hi all, I'm sure I'm not the first to ask this question, but I couldn't find a thread in relation to it on here. I recently undertook a RTW trip which was 50/50 business/pleasure. This all business class trip cost just shy of 250,000 Virgin miles. Pricing the same trip out in actual dollars...
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    Agoda showing Less hotels available when booking through VA

    Interesting one I've never noticed; If I search for hotels through in Oslo, Norway I get 78 hotels showing available. If I search through (in order to actually get points) using the same search criteria, I get 19 matching hotels. Why? What gives? Limiting my choice...
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    Velocity Number on the DL Website - Two Different Airlines?!

    This is an odd question, but I'm just booking some DL USA Domestic sectors and when I go to enter my frequet flyer number, the Delta website gives you a drop down list of all its partner airlines. Whats confusing is that it lists Virgin Blue / Velocity and also V Australia / Velocity as two...
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    Anybody booked a reward on Delta or VS?

    Hi guys, I've never used my VA points for anything other than VA metal, but I'm plotting a trip to the USA and Europe in March and decided to try and burn some miles on partner flights. Using KVS I'm checking for flights from numerous US ports (SFO/LAX/NYC/IAD/ORD/ATL) to LHR/FRA/AMS/CDG and...
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    No Lounge Access for VA Gold in London on NZ?

    Hi All, So we all know Virgins 'international network' is a little bit ad hoc in terms of a number of things. I was hoping however that somebody could clarify some lounge access for me. I'm doing a Premium Economy LAX-LON on NZ in March. I'm VA Gold. According to the lounge access guide here...
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    Finding VA rewards to Europe

    Hey all, I was hoping you guys might be able to clear something up for me. I'm looking for reward seats from MEL-LON using VA and EY. I've got the miles so that's no problem, what I'm looking to clear up is what award seat availability I can use. If I do a search from MEL-LON (or FRA/MAN for...
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    Does the AMEX Edge free flights count as eligable sectors?

    Hey all, I know the free AMEX Edge Plat card flights don't accrue SC or miles, but does anybody know if they count towards eligible sectors? I would presume not, but you never know with the VA IT system. Cheers,
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    Any idea how frequently VA/AMEX offer bonus points on transfers?

    Hey all, This may be more appropriate in the AMEX section so mods feel free to move if that's the case. I know historically AMEX have offered 15% or 25% bonus points when transferring to VA usually once a year. Does anybody have any idea what time of year this usually occurs or is it...
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    Do Plat upgrades expire every 12 months?

    Hey guys, Simple question - what happens to the four domestic upgrades Plat gets every 12 months? If I use none in my Plat period and then drop to gold, can I still redeem them as a gold? Also, if I requal for plat, do they simply accrue? Ie, do I then get 8, or do the first 4 disappear? Cheers,