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  1. SpudOz

    EK Partner Lounge Access

    I am travelling to Africa soon for work.. I am SG and Y tickets (el cheapo through the company travel department) have been booked on EK. Will I have lounge access to a partner lounge which I believe is SAA Boabab lounge? Cheers
  2. SpudOz

    QP access question

    I am flying to Denpasar from Perth on Jetstar with husband and 2 adult sons. I am Gold and hubby is Silver (he is a paid up QC member) which allows us to take our blokes into the QP. If husband elects to received EK points on the Jetstar bundle instead of QF points, will there be a problem...
  3. SpudOz

    Status Credit Meter on QF site

    Could someone help me out with an explanation of the status credit meter (countdown clock to anniversary date) on the QF membership account page? As I look at the meter, there is a section coloured in red under the next 3 months past my anniversary date. What does this mean? I looked on my...
  4. SpudOz

    Lounge etiquette

    I am now in the Qantas Lounge in Singapore with my husband. A couple of blokes sitting nearby have been deep in conversation for the last hour. Their talk was peppered with swearing and they got progressively louder. After a while I had enough and asked them to tone it down a bit. They...
  5. SpudOz

    Qantas con job

    Advertised online today. Qantas Sydney to Honolulu. Special fares blah blah blah. Redirected to Qantas website, chucked in the dates, back guessed it...Jetstar. I loathe Jetstar. It strikes me that Jetstar is Qantas ONLY when it is convenient for Qantas. There should be a mechanism...
  6. SpudOz

    Joyce: Qantas perth had to go

    Dear Mr Joyce So QFI is unprofitable from Perth. I was on QF78 yesterday and it was chockers. Actually Mr Joyce you are unprofitable, you should go. I hate what you have done to Qantas. Shame on you!