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  1. Squirrel.Monkey

    NYC to LAX cancellation

    My niece is flying back to Sydney tomorrow from NYC on AA and Qantas, her flight from NYC tp LAX (AA) was cancelled and they've put her on a Delta flight, they told her that was the only one they could get her on. I said to her she won't get SC or points, plus it's likely she'll have to collect...
  2. Squirrel.Monkey

    Free 3 x complimentary qantas lounge passes

    I have 3 qantas lounge passes that expire soon. Your flights need to be more than 24 hours from when I transfer them to use. Sorry for the late post. Sat 02 Nov 2019 Fri 08 Nov 2019 Fri 08 Nov 2019 DM details please, first in best dressed.
  3. Squirrel.Monkey

    Amex card offer question

    Hi, A friend recently applied for Amex's latest credit card offer which includes 2 free Qantas lounge passes. He got notification that after a purchase the lounge passes would take 8-10 weeks to arrive, is this how long you would expect it to take to receive the passes? Does anybody have...
  4. Squirrel.Monkey

    Qantas lounge pass exchange

    I have Qantas lounge exchange pass request. I have a pass that expires end of January 2016 but I would like to use the lounge in February 2016. Is anybody interested in swapping a pass with one that has a longer expire if they intend to use the lounge before end of January 2015. I currently...
  5. Squirrel.Monkey

    Emirates exit row

    Hi, I'm flying for the first time with Emirates from Sydney to Dubai and keen to get an exit row, but I understand these are allocated at the discretion of the Emirates staff, any pointers or hints people would like to suggest? fwiw, my flight is at 6am. Many thanks Lisa
  6. Squirrel.Monkey

    Jetstar reward booking through Qantas website

    Some friends and I have booked “Business” Jetstar reward flights to Phuket through the Qantas website using points and paying the taxes. On the Jetstar booking it comes up as Business not Business Max (which includes lounge access) After calls to both Jetstar and Qantas, it’s confirmed we...
  7. Squirrel.Monkey

    Need 215 Status credit to get to Gold

    Hi, I need 215 Qantas Status credits to get to gold but 31 December 2014. I also received a letter to say I qualify for 50% more points if I book/fly before that time. Any ideas? I'm in Sydney and don't really want it to cost any more than around $1000. Any ideas are appreciated. thanks heaps!