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    London Arrival Lounge - Connecting BA Flight Question

    Hi Team Please can I have some advise I'm flying to Europe with QF J to Hong Kong then BA J to London then into Europe with BA with the BA arrivals lounge, do I have to clear customs and Immigration even though the UK is not really my first stop ? as from reading the arrivals lounge that BA have...
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    UBER and Qantas Cash Card

    Hi Team I need your help, This is driving me nuts, Im currently in the UK and trying to use with QCC with GBP loaded onto it for my UBER rides, each ride has been rejected and I have to manually log into UBER and pay with another card - hence paying a GBP conversion fee. Has anybody used the...
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    flight diverted mid air - do I get all QFF SC and Points?

    Hi Friends, Thank you for your help. yesterday I was flying TSV-BNE-SYD mid way to BNE flight was diverted to SYD because of the storms. I had a separate flight booked BNE-SYD, do I still get points and sc's from the bne - syd leg? My syd - bne - tsv points came on last night at 10pm the...