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  1. rocketboy

    Time needed for transfer at LAX?

    If the Air Canada flight is on the same ticket as QF93, then take the earliest flight your agent recommends. Air Canada will rebook you if you miss the connection. If the tickets are separate then I would recommend booking later to allow extra time to cover delays between flights. Unfortunately...
  2. rocketboy

    What takes people from Qantas ?

    Hard product and price are the determining factors for me. Mostly travelling solo on long journeys, I really prefer the 1-2-1 layout many airlines on the kangaroo route now offer in business. Qantas has been slow to upgrade and the A380 layout has quickly become dated. That said I was very...
  3. rocketboy

    Status qualification stretch ?

    I was a surprised and grateful recipient last September - so possibly one of the last if they are no longer happening.
  4. rocketboy

    QF announce non-stop Perth-London B787 Services

    I‘m quite surprised by the the extent of coverage this flight generated internationally so Qantas Marketing must be thrilled. Richard Quest from CNN drank the Kool Aid and delivered the spin. Lot‘s of wrinkles in his “jazzy pjs” so he must have slept well...
  5. rocketboy

    WIll lose my WP status on 31/1/18 Any comp WP offers received lately ?

    I was comped last September. Wasn't expecting it as only had 800 status credits. Soft landing would have been OK as only 100 short of LTG. However I certainly appreciate another year of WP and will most likely reach the 1200 number again this year.
  6. rocketboy

    A very long run comes to an end...

    I am on the home run with 100SCs to go. I don't fly enough to have status with 2 airlines/alliances. I'm currently Star Gold with Lufthansa so LTG will ensure I always have lounge access and other benefits whenever I do fly Qantas or other OW airlines
  7. rocketboy

    A very long run comes to an end...

    It looks like I've been given a Iast minute reprieve. Membership year ended yesterday and I was expecting to drop back. But I checked in yesterday to find a pop up window showing 795 SCs and "Congratulations" for retaining platinum for another year.
  8. rocketboy

    Qantas 787 Event

    No luck with the website for me. My old MacBook Pro has frozen twice. Guess it needs a refresh too.
  9. rocketboy

    Have you Stuck with QF?

    Still crediting my points to QF but my target is LTG and then I'm off to explore other options. Should reach that goal next year unless they move the goal points again. As others have noted, QFF is not that attractive if based other than east coast Oz. I used to easily retain platinum with three...
  10. rocketboy

    I've felt the sting of the QFF Loyalty Middle Finger

    Glad to see this has finally resolved sensibly. Have followed this thread and appreciated the frustration. To be honest I was skeptical the escalation would make a difference. So very happy to be wrong. Also enjoyed the sub discussion on masa/classic awards/points plus pay. Very insightful.
  11. rocketboy

    BA mixed J/F ex Germany to Asia 1100euros

    I didn't know that so thanks for the tip. Judging by my available limit, the charge is only pending on my Amex at the moment and presume it won't book till Monday. Meanwhile perhaps BA will actually advise me they have cancelled the flights. Regardless of whether or not the fare is a mistake...
  12. rocketboy

    BA mixed J/F ex Germany to Asia 1100euros

    Can't say I am surprised but disappointed nonetheless. Will wait to hear what they say but in the meantime this exercise has brought forward my planning for Christmas/New Year and I will start looking for alternatives.
  13. rocketboy

    BA mixed J/F ex Germany to Asia 1100euros

    The fare has now been pulled. From the discussion on FT (page 57 onwards) these fares were available well into next year on selected flights and days. I only checked Dec/Jan and then dived in. Now...
  14. rocketboy

    BA mixed J/F ex Germany to Asia 1100euros

    Thanks for the heads up. Just booked MUC SYD return over Christmas New Year. First class return for less than Euros2000. If it's a mistake it will be interesting to see what BA do as German law very strict about advertised pricing.
  15. rocketboy

    Longest time to get Lifetime Silver??

    Yes it would be a game changer for many if it was introduced and at a level that is achievable - I think BA want 35,000 SCs for the equivalent. Won't hold my breath waiting to find out what "Never" means in Qantas speak!
  16. rocketboy

    Longest time to get Lifetime Silver??

    Joined in 2002 and reached LTS in 2013. Now less than 3000 SCs needed for LTG so should be there in less than 2 years. Simpler and Fairer changes have put a brake on progress this year as the earn rate on OW partners has halved. Although I have barely renewed platinum for another year, the SC...
  17. rocketboy

    To Tattoo or Not To Tattoo

    I like them and have two myself - though no one can see them unless I am shirtless. Also well into my 50's and no regrets. But then I waited along time to find the ink that I liked and which had significant meaning for me. Perhaps it was fortunate I had to meet grooming standards that would not...
  18. rocketboy

    Cathay Pacific - LCC Experience

    Though I like CX, I normally don't choose it as there no direct flights into Munich. However a J class sale fare for my trip home last month was too good not to ignore. Overall I was very happy. Yes the food was underwhelming but certainly not inedible. Service was consistently good across all...
  19. rocketboy

    Domestic JASA's return - SC's Only

    So the two week wait actually morphed into three before I called again. But happy to report the nice agent said she would check my account and credit the SCs. 20 minutes later they were there. Pleased with the result though the process was certainly a convoluted one.
  20. rocketboy

    Domestic JASA's return - SC's Only

    Just to update. It looks like a similar story as ozbeachbabe's. Called this morning and told they had attempted to contact me regarding eligibility for the promotion. The agent today checked the flights and confirmed they were eligible. He has noted that on the file but suggested I wait two...