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  1. umberloidster

    So what movies are we watching to fill the air travel void?

    So I'm sure I'm not alone in finding myself watching a few YouTube travel reviews from "the before times" while enjoying a glass of something late in the evening. It's nice to pretend that I'm snoozing away on a lie flat bed on the way to a different country! Aside from these travel report...
  2. umberloidster

    SQ Tips, Trips and Tales

    Just booked J to LHR for June 2021 to (hopefully) introduce my family back in England to young daughter who'll be just over 1 by then. With the current carnage with the call centre, is there any other way to request adding an infant to a redemption booking? I'm hoping they've implemented a...
  3. umberloidster

    Where would you be now ... ?

    Right now I'd be driving the dog to the inlaws, then heading on SQ Suites for the first time, taking our three month old to LHR to meet the UK family for the first time. It was due to be a two week trip where I'd end up watching loads of Glastonbury festival on the BBC and catching up with...
  4. umberloidster

    RewardPay Alternatives

    Reach out to support if you're still finding the payment's in limbo.
  5. umberloidster

    RewardPay Alternatives

    Easyshare might be worth looking into. I have used it for non-ABN purchases, their rate is 2.5% for Amex. You need to be a little but hacky though. Their service is geared for sharehouse tenants and is designed to add credit cards from members of a household, and zaps their monthly rent to the...
  6. umberloidster

    Double Amex MR points until 20 July 2020

    Has anybody had any luck in getting Amex to apply this offer to a Business Platinum Charge card? Live chat have said there's a bonus 50k points offer with a monthly spend of $30,000 or above, better than a kick in the teeth but what are my chances of asking for more?
  7. umberloidster

    What aspect of travel do you miss the most?

    Domestic? I miss moaning about having to get an early alarm, driving to MEL, having a second breakfast at MEL in the VA lounge, travelling to SYD or CBR for work,moaning to colleagues about how annoying the hole shebang is when I actually completely adore it, flying back the same evening or...
  8. umberloidster

    First time in J - Book the cook options and alcohol

    Agreed with the above! Check the menu once it gets posted for your flight and go with what takes your fancy. I've only flown J a handful of times, the only time I felt let down with BTC was a sushi bowl thing that was just weird. Otherwise things like eggs benedict just seem a tad too rich. As...
  9. umberloidster

    Interesting Amex to velocity transfer

    Can anyone help me get my head around this one? I'm WP with Virgin with a review date of end November 2020. Would transferring 800k MR points (I have Amex business platinum, so I'm eligible for the offer) give me another year of WP Virgin, so my next review date is November 2021? Or would it...
  10. umberloidster

    Emirates 1st Class seating

    The under-window storage on A and K seats are bloomin' tiny, but as others have said I don't think you'll struggle with the floor storage area. Chances are there might even be a spare suite you can use for bags.
  11. umberloidster

    Silver to Gold on VA - How long to process?

    Last month I hit platinum on a work trip MEL to SYD. I phoned Velocity about 90 minutes after landing and even though it hadn't posted, the agent was able to apply the SCs to nudge me over to Platinum. While on the phone to him, I refreshed the Velocity site and it confirmed the added SCs and...
  12. umberloidster

    Amex FX international payments experiences

    They charge a fee per transaction. I've just run one and there's a 2.1% payment charge (which, depending on your circumstances, may or may not be GST deductible). Amex FX have me a USD exchange rate of 0.668 which compares quite nicely to the 0.647 Westpac offers today. Our circumstances are...
  13. umberloidster

    Amex FX international payments experiences

    I've been using it for about seven months, paying out one largeish USD business payment per month. The bulk FX rate offered by amex is a lot cheaper than I'd been getting from Westpac (which is how we used to pay the same supplier), though I'm not sure how Transferwise compares. Payments are...
  14. umberloidster

    Krisflyer award redemptions within Europe?

    That's super awesome, thank you. I had no idea it was that straightforward!
  15. umberloidster

    Krisflyer award redemptions within Europe?

    I had to cancel a trip back home to the UK to see the folks for Xmas, and have a bunch of miles I'm unlikely to be able to use in the next couple of years. I'll use some to shout mum and dad a trip to Australia to see their new granddaughter (i.e. the reason for me having to cancel my trip, and...
  16. umberloidster

    SQ Tips, Trips and Tales

    Point taken! Okay that's pretty rad :)
  17. umberloidster

    SQ Tips, Trips and Tales

    Longtime fan of your posts and your experiences! A question, is there a reason you prefer 3C rather than 3A or another windowed suite in the old config?
  18. umberloidster

    MR to Krisflyer now quoted as "up to 15 days" -- is this new?

    Welp, whatever the change, the miles have already posted. So I'd assume that unless the 15 business day thing is "coming soon", it is indeed just covering their collective backsides in case of delay. Weird.
  19. umberloidster

    MR to Krisflyer now quoted as "up to 15 days" -- is this new?

    Just jumped on to Amex to move some Membership Rewards points to Krisflyer, and it's now stating that it will take "up to 15 business days" for the points transfer to go through. I put some across last month, and I'm sure it said "3-4 business days". The transfer went through within 24 hours...