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    Travel Pass - how to confirm option selected

    Hi all, Some time ago I opted for a Travel Pass with the Double Status Credits offer for some cancelled flights to South America. I received the email confirming this, but the email with the actual Travel Pass only arrived after several weeks and required a few phone calls to the Qantas Hotline...
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    Qantas credit voucher validity for flights after 31 October 2020

    After patiently waiting for Qantas to cancel my December flight to South America, I received an email over the weekend that my flights have been cancelled and converted to a credit voucher. To my disappointment though, as my flight was booked way back in February, and the departure date is in...
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    Compensation for delayed luggage

    Hi all, I recently had a flight to Myanmar where the luggage was significantly delayed by the airline (Qantas). The flight details: SYD-MEL-HKG (Qantas on a single ticket) HKG-RGN (Cathay, separate ticket) According to the Qantas staff they could not forward the checked-in luggage all the way...
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    Change to a DSC booking

    Hi all, Looking for some advice. I'm booked on a return flight to HK next week (R class), returning at the end of December. The flight was originally booked during DSC promotion. I am now considering extending my return by a few more days, however I know that once I change the booking I lose...