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  1. umberloidster

    So what movies are we watching to fill the air travel void?

    So I'm sure I'm not alone in finding myself watching a few YouTube travel reviews from "the before times" while enjoying a glass of something late in the evening. It's nice to pretend that I'm snoozing away on a lie flat bed on the way to a different country! Aside from these travel report...
  2. umberloidster

    Krisflyer award redemptions within Europe?

    I had to cancel a trip back home to the UK to see the folks for Xmas, and have a bunch of miles I'm unlikely to be able to use in the next couple of years. I'll use some to shout mum and dad a trip to Australia to see their new granddaughter (i.e. the reason for me having to cancel my trip, and...
  3. umberloidster

    MR to Krisflyer now quoted as "up to 15 days" -- is this new?

    Just jumped on to Amex to move some Membership Rewards points to Krisflyer, and it's now stating that it will take "up to 15 business days" for the points transfer to go through. I put some across last month, and I'm sure it said "3-4 business days". The transfer went through within 24 hours...
  4. umberloidster

    Membership Rewards to American Airlines Advantage. Any method?

    Hey folks, I'm wondering if anyone has stumbled on a method of moving Membership Rewards to AA Advantage rewards program? I have Platinum Charge, which used to be able to pipe out to Starwood Preferred Guest, from which you could transfer to AA. Now that SPG has been gobbled up into Bonvoy, I...