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    Qantas Premier Credit Card

    Ahh yes I had to call the sms didn't come through they did something from their end
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    Qantas Premier Credit Card

    Apple Pay is now available on this card - about 3 years late but better late than never!
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    Qantas Delays/Cancellations

    very true, it seems the each state CHO is running that state, we acted fast and breaks my heart to see my friends in USA and the UK in a hard lockdown, yet as you say we can go to Tasmania and Darwin but not Perth, Melbourne or the Gold Coast because of what 8 100 cases all linked, in the last 7...
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    Qantas Delays/Cancellations

    wow you raise so many good pints, it's just unimaginable what is happening, you can't keep stop starting stop starting all for what ??! single figure cases in NSW per day, yet they don't report how many deaths there has been over the last 3 weeks in NSW !
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    Predictions of when international flights may resume/bans lifted

    Question - when is the official travel ban date in effect to now ? is it December 17th or something ? wonder when it will be extended, Thank you
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    Amex Travel Credit - covid implication

    I think they will be extended again they have to be, I have 2 expiring in Feb as well....
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    Amex Travel Credit - covid implication

    same with me, my flight was cancelled and refund was given in full to my other amex card including the travel credit off $450 from the old cancelled card, so was pretty happy with that.
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    When is Qantas going to cancel November flights?

    I'm still waiting from June when my amex booked flight to NZ in October was cancelled by Qantas, I have been calling amex every day last week, it's been "escalated" to a manager I have been told...
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    Points Count [How many do you have?]

    I wonder this time next year with a year of accumulated points and no redemption travel for International, there will be an even bigger shortage of premium seats than there is now....
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    US DOT Grants Tentative Approval to QF/AA Joint Venture

    AA needs to open more award seats to Qantas members in their first and business cabins from Syd-LAX etc
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    Upto 120,000 QFF for $0 Fee on Westpac Black Altitude

    I called Westpac and they waived the fee said it was a "SYSTEM ERROR" Wonder how many people forget io was free and pay it without knowing ....
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    Upto 120,000 QFF for $0 Fee on Westpac Black Altitude

    Was the $300 fee for the Black mastercard waived ? I'm sure the promotions was the for both amex and master cards but I have been charged the fee T and C's said.... Annual Card fee Waiver: $0 first year Annual Card fee promotion. The first year $0 Annual Card fee waiver, plus $0 Qantas Rewards...
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    Searching award avails through AA

    I struck gold last night! I was able to burn 110K AA Miles for a Syd-LAX one way in First class. I could see it on both the Qantas and AA sites. Then had to call AA to process the booking as my credit card didnt work on the site it kept pushing me back to the USA site. Only paid $115 AUD...
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    Qantas Red Planet

    No points have come across for the last week ? I have pretty much had a survey every second day. Anybody else had this issue? Thanks
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    Hit the shops and be rewarded - QF points on non earning MasterCards

    These offers seem to take so long to credit! More than 6 weeks so far for me...
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    London Arrival Lounge - Connecting BA Flight Question

    Thank you so much for the information - my europe connecting flight is also from Terminal 5 I will just forget about the arrivals lounge and use the lounge airside to save all the hassle . Thank you again
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    London Arrival Lounge - Connecting BA Flight Question

    Hi Team Please can I have some advise I'm flying to Europe with QF J to Hong Kong then BA J to London then into Europe with BA with the BA arrivals lounge, do I have to clear customs and Immigration even though the UK is not really my first stop ? as from reading the arrivals lounge that BA have...
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    UBER and Qantas Cash Card

    Thank you Big Red - this is the EXAXCT issue that I'm having! I can see a pending test transaction when I log into my QCC - looks like I will be stuck with the conversion fees going forward... :(
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    UBER and Qantas Cash Card

    Thank you all for your help, yes Uber does say somewhere that pre paid cards can be used, for now I have my amex linked and currently talking to uber support about the re linking of my paypal account.