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    Garuda changing flight times

    I decided to try Garuda for a DPS-SIN flight next week as they had a decent price on a flight at a time I wanted (7.35am), however today I received a notification that the departure time has now changed to 3.40pm, which would make it impossible to make a flight I have planned that evening. As...
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    Connecting JL International and QF Domestic on separate PNRs?

    I've made an award booking for JL771 geting into SYD at 6.10am and I wanted to book a separate flight to BNE. I was thinking on Flying on QF520 at 11.05am. Will this leave me with enough time or am I best off booking a flight later in the day? Scott.
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    Cancelling Classic Award on CX metal

    I'm thinking of booking a classic award HKG-BNE via CX however I wanted to check regarding cancellation fees before committing. I can see that it is a 5,000 pt cancellation fee per pax however is this just for QF metal or does it cover flights on other carriers as well? Scott.
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    Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

    Hi all, I'm going to Japan next month and I wanted to try the alpine route. Has anybody travelled there lately? Is it better to travel the whole way through from Omachi or just try from Toyama to Murodo and turn back? Scott.
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    Adding QFF details to a JAL Domestic booking?

    I'm attempting to book a domestic JAL flight and have gotten all the way to the confirmation page but I can't see an option to enter a QFF number, only a JMB membership number. Is there a space to add this on later or would I have to call customer service to do so? In addition I was hoping I...
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    Mercure Sydney or Novotel Sydney Central?

    I'm looking at taking advantage of the latest sale and booking a night at either of the above hotels, which are around the same price. Any advantage of one over the other? No status yet unfortunately. Scott.
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    Cancel return leg of a domestic flight?

    Hi all, I've got a return DRW-MEL flight booked for the 6th June, returning on the 9th. Due to something coming up I'm going to have to leave Melbourne a little later which means I'm going to have to book a flight back on JQ (yuk!). Therefore I'm going to have to try to cancel the return leg and...
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    avis.co.uk bookings not eligible for QFF points?

    Last January I made a booking for a vehicle in Capalaba via the avis.co.uk website however the points didn't show up in my account. When I called Avis about this they said that the booking wasn't eligible for points as it was on a discounted rate. The QFF website says that points are not earned...
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    Chinese Visa - proof of onward travel for border crossing?

    I'm planning on a visit to Chengdu for a few days in May (first visit to China) and was intending on flying to Shenzhen in the evening then crossing the border to Hong Kong. Would I have any issues with the visa as I wouldn't have an itinerary showing a flight out of China? If I show proof of an...
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    QSCU Platinum insurance Vs standalone insurance

    I'm about to travel to the USA and I'm relying on the insurance on my QSCU card ( I've already used the card for more than half the trip) and I'm concerned about what would happen if I or my partner had a medical issue whilst we were there. Should I be best off getting some stand-alone medical...
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    Going through US Immigration as a couple?

    I'm going to the USA for the first time with my partner in May, entering via LAX. I was just wondering if we will be able to approach the immigration counter together or will we have to go through separately, like they made us do in Singapore? Scott.
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    KUPP with luggage?

    I'm looking at a KUPP flight around the 20th May SDF-ORD-DFW-DEN, with the first segment being an American Connection economy flight. I have an option of two different flights with a connection time of either 60min/120min or 100min/80min. It looks like I will most likely have 2 checked bags so I...
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    Carry on baggage for AA regional Jets

    I'll be heading to the USA for a hobby show in May and want to use AA whilst I'm over there however I've noticed that some of my routes only use the American Eagle CRJ-700 and the ERJ family. According to the AA website carry on baggage on these aircraft are limited to smaller briefcase and...
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    Overnight transfer in BNE

    I have a TSV-BNE-DRW JASA booked later this afternoon. The flight is arriving in BNE at around 9.30pm and then I have the flight to DRW departing at 9.15 am the next morning. I know that there won't be any accommodation provided overnight (not really an issue for me as I have family in Brisbane)...
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    Batam/Bintan or JB?

    Hi All, I'm taking my partner for her first overseas trip next month, spending a few days in Singapore. However after I organised the flights I've realised that I'd booked it for the few days leading up to the F1 race. As a result while I've found reasonably priced accommodation for the...
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    Long time lurker, first time poster

    Hi All, After reading through the AFF forums for a long time I thought it would be time to start posting! Being Darwin based I primarily use QF and JQ due to VA's relative lack of service. Most of my travel is for leisure (with the occasional work trip thrown in) so I'm only NB at the moment...