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  1. tlamont

    Airbnb COVID cancellations

    I suggest contacting AirBnB support, I had a prompt reply and the refund has already hit my CC
  2. tlamont

    Airbnb COVID cancellations

    Seems like that might have been the case. I contacted the host last night and they responded that they were still happy to provide a full refund but had not seen anything. I contacted AirBnB this morning, outlined the issue and noted that most of the correspondence could be seen on their...
  3. tlamont

    Airbnb COVID cancellations

    Curious, I have a similar situation for a booking in late April. I contacted the host and they kindly informed me they would approve a full refund (would have been 50%). I sent off the request and 2 days later received the "host has declined" which I thought was odd as we had had a pleasant...
  4. tlamont

    New Zealand Introduces 14 Day Quarantine for All Arrivals

    I just cancelled my DSC trip, was due to fly out on the 24th, can't risk being isolated for 14 days :(
  5. tlamont

    QBR DSC offer opens tomorrow (Book Feb 20 - 25, 2020)

    I just logged in to QBR and have the offer in the dashboard. We are Level 1 and have not booked anything since our rollover date end of last year.
  6. tlamont

    BP Plus + Qantas Business Rewards (Earn up to 100,000 Qantas points)

    Approved yesterday. I gave them an estimate of 150 a week. A new BP opened 2 mins from my place on the way to the office conveniently.
  7. tlamont

    Lounge Access Help Desk

    I have assigned passes to our kids in the past when they were younger and travelling with my wife who was also using a pass, treated as just another pass holder.
  8. tlamont

    Qantas doesn't care about priority boarding

    4am :( was feeling pretty wrecked, lounge stayed open and most lounge pax claimed bench seating to spread out. I have decided I am never going to do that timing again if I can help it, I thought I was comfortable with an 11.30pm departure but the delay just killed it, lucky I had nothing on...
  9. tlamont

    Qantas doesn't care about priority boarding

    MEL > PER Arrived at the gate a little early, loose grouping of passengers waiting near the priority queue, no one willing to commit, as soon as business and status called first, they all rushed for the queue, processed via 3 machines, no boarding passes pre-checked. PER > MEL redeye, delayed...
  10. tlamont

    QANTAS POINTS via AirBnB - is it a scam?

    I had the same issue a couple of weeks ago, I cleared my browser cache and my qantas related cookies and it worked fine after that, on iOS I think you may have to select "Clear History and Website Data" under safari settings.
  11. tlamont

    IHG Hotels that recognise status

    HI Melbourne Airport (1 night) Status: Plat Ambassador Booked: Twin Superior Received: Twin Superior (High Floor - 6th away from elevator) Welcome Amenity: 500pts Complimentary Still water, Lemon slice and rocky road in room with Welcome card. Hotel getting a little tired but clean and friendly...
  12. tlamont

    another comparatively infrequent flyer :)

    Hi All, Iv'e been a lurker for a while, signed up a while ago and am recently back reading through old posts and doing some research for upcoming trips. While I used to travel (fly) for work about 10-15 years ago, I never really enjoyed it (early starts late returns), I got out of that role...