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    General Estate Planning issues (Wills, PoA, AHDs)

    Public Trustee has to be the most incompetent government department I have ever come across with the added bonus of over charging for the lack of service. Mum decided to have her will managed by the public trustee, against the family advice and despite it being very simple thye took months to...
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    Solar Panels

    Yes I used Infinite Energy, i was concerned by the noise, but checked out two others and they make the same noise Will asl Infinite energy
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    Solar Panels

    Recently installed a 6.48KW system with a 5kw inverter (Canadian solar panels , Fronius Primo inverter and smart meter) Normal power bill was in the range of $250-$450, and first full Solar bill was $120 Installed inverter in garage ready for batteries in a few years What I have learned so...
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    Emirates has missed the mark with its cabin upgrades?

    Looks cheap and nasty
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    QF or EK First?

    Aren't EK IFE screens larger?
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    "Excuse me Sir, You've tested Positive for explosives."

    Tested positive for explosives many times when I worked in mining, just about came a non event.
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    How does the QF Membership year work?

    QF year relates to the day you joined, for example you joined 1st February 2017 So between 1st February 2017 and 31st of January 2018 is your QF year and any SC collected are reset midnight the 31st of January 2018 If you qualify for Silver by 1st June 2017, this means you will have access to...
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    Two QFi aircraft dumping fuel of Sydney

    Qantas: Two planes make emergency return to Sydney after engineering issues
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    Perth - Forgotten again

    Love how the airport has been branded as PH international airport...
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    Why Red Roo?

    Would it be wrong to suggest after QF social engineering to have gayaroo?
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    Classic Awards in J class - Jun/July 2018

    CX always appears online for myself... more often than QFi
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    Ask The Pilot

    What are the red squares at the top of the airspeed?
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    Not happy about qantas mag today

    Where ones the 90% figure come from?
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    Coke Zero -> Coca-Cola No Sugar

    Coke Zero would be drunk more than Diet Coke.....
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    USA San Francisco and New York.

    Love the Dockers gear.... luckily it wasnt another sinking ship :-)
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    Coke Zero -> Coca-Cola No Sugar

    Had the discussion at work and one of the guys thought Pepsi max was the full sugar Pepsi..... maybe the comments about Coke zero are correct
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    Fake status - buying QF bag tags online

    Think the AFF tags have more prestige that P1's
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    Dell XPS 15 - reviews?

    Under promise - over deliver ... except in the case of a government budget or construction
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    Travelling to MEL - restaurant recommendations?

    Il Bacaro always on the menu when in Melbourne
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    Buy your own Simulator

    Just bought X-Plane 11, wow, they have come along way Any tips, advice?