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  1. Danger UXB

    Driver/Chaufeur Cape Town

    Greetings AFF family. Anyone with a limo/ chauffeur / driver contact for Cape Town. Airport pick up /drop offs and a couple of day trips. Sending Mrs UXB and mini UXB down there for a few days and would rather not go the car hire route Cheers and thanks in advance Danger UXB
  2. Danger UXB

    Using AMEX to pay Employee Super

    Just received an email from AMEX explaining I can pay my staff super using my AMEX Business card. I haven't read all the details yet but they do it thru this company Ozedi You seem to need to register with Ozedi and pay monthly fee then there is also a 2.4% AMEX surcharge :shock: T+C's here...
  3. Danger UXB

    Flight Delay -Etihad Help

    Dear all especially Etihad Help I was on EY 52 GVA -AUH last Friday night . Long story short we were deplaned and delayed about 20 hours. Travel Insurance need a letter from the airline stating reason for delay and new flight times etc. Any particular email I should aim my request to or is...
  4. Danger UXB

    SQ F for some Euro skiing- aka NOWAK 3

    Greetings fellow AFFers. After reading many TRs on AFF including Boomy’s excellent TR about his recent trip to Germany I have been inspired to type with my two typing fingers again. For those that need to know NOWAK = NO Wives And Kids It’s an annual boys trip I have undertaken to meet up...
  5. Danger UXB

    Enhancement to Thai ROP 1-9-2014

    Not sure if this has been reported elsewhere but new award and upgrade charts are effective 1-9-14 Royal Orchid Plus | Thai Airways? Seems there have been some changes eg Thai first BKK to east coast Aus old chart 150000 round trip , new chart 150000 one way !!!!:shock: *A redemption Aus to...
  6. Danger UXB

    New services for MEL....over the summer

    Possible increase in service for the summer 23NOV-01FEB SQ247 arrives MEL 05:25 SQ248 departs MEL 07:10 operates on 3,5,7 A333 22NOV-31JAN SQ257 arrives MEL 23:15 SQ258 departs MEL 00:30 operates on 2,4,6 A333 only A333 so no F or suites but it might increase our chances of saver J which...
  7. Danger UXB

    MR points from your own service trust

    Like a few of you out there in AFFland I run a business which in turn contracts my family (service) trust to do the day to day running of the business. For some time I have been trying to figure out how to harvest some points from the monthly service fee between the service trust and my...
  8. Danger UXB

    Extra 10 kg checked baggage allowance in all classes

    Singapore Airlines -- News Releases seems you now get 10 kg more in each class as of Friday. I wonder if I should tell mrs UXB before the next trip
  9. Danger UXB

    Krisflyer access to LX and LH J

    Morning ladies and gents just wondering if anyone has any experience in booking LX and LH long haul international J using *A redemption thru krisflyer. I am aware there has been discussion previously about access to F and I have in the past been able to book LX and LH J within Europe ,but I am...
  10. Danger UXB

    French Alps NOWAK (NO Wives And Kids)

    ITINERARY Star Alliance J redemption Thru Kris Flyer 190000KF points First excuse the whole report is being written on my iPod touch 8gb with a bluetooth keyboard. The "h" does not work so well but thankfully the spell check on ipod notes picks up most of the problems! Also all of the...
  11. Danger UXB

    Suites savers now available

    https://www.singaporeair.com/jsp/cms/en_UK/ppsclub_krisflyer/suitesredemption.jsp Here we go folks danger uxb
  12. Danger UXB

    Something up with the MR points calculator!

    Hi all Just took a quick look this morning at the MR rewards statement for my Plat reserve co branded card. Looks like I am still getting 1.5 points per dollar, even post Oct 1st! Quite happy as the citi Select Application is not quite there yet Cheers Danger UXB
  13. Danger UXB

    Checking Star Alliance availability

    HI all I'm looking to get to GVA next Feb for a ski and I need to check star alliance redemption availability. I signed up for the ANA tool but the *alliance search is blanked out as it says I do not have sufficient points. Is there another way to check *alliance stuff without getting on the...
  14. Danger UXB

    Breakfast at HKG J Lounge

    Greetings all I will be travelling QF29 to HKG and LHR next month. I am a particularly good plane sleeper ( lucky me) and so I was contemplating skipping the breakfast onboard just before landing and just filling my stomach in the J lounge, but what is the breakfast like in the lounge and what...
  15. Danger UXB

    How early can you board?

    Greetings FFers just a quickie with hopefully a quick answer. The missus, mini UXB and my good self are travelling MEL-HKG-LHR on QF29 on 14-3-12 in J. Mini UXB is 5 and the departure time of 23.55 is well past Zzzz time. So the question is if it is running ontime how soon can we board and get...
  16. Danger UXB

    Checking Citibank rewards account

    Is there any way to check the individual points transactions on the citibank website. This is a simple thing to do with my amex cards and also my westpac altitude cards but I seem to be either looking in the wrong place with citibank or it is a function that is not available and something I...
  17. Danger UXB

    Changes to Any Seat Award Booking

    Greetings All and Happy Aus Day contemplating a booking to get back to LHR and I have noticed there are a number of well priced "any seat award" point bookings for about 12 months time (144131 points per seat) for "Business" not "Business saver" . Just wondering if these are booked what happens...
  18. Danger UXB

    BA NCW which seats?

    So strike permitting (of course this post could be a complete waste of space pending the result of Mondays vote) we are travelling HKG to LHR on BA26 on 24/3/10. We are a party of 3- me Mrs Danger and Mini Danger (age 3 1/2). We will be sleeping most of the trip and hopefully Mini will clock up...
  19. Danger UXB

    Standard J award flights and sq 322

    Is it just when I am looking or are standard award flights on SQ 322 non existant. It doesn't seem to matter when I look they are never offered. I am aware it is their overnight service and hence I would expect it to be their most popular but not even 1 award seat ( except waitlisting). Has...
  20. Danger UXB

    UK/France car rental

    Trying to organise a car for a month in the UK. We will be taking the car to France for 12 days during the rental. Avis and Hertz are very up front about the additional "Continental" charges but their rates are very high. Thrifty are by far the best rate but I cannnot even get a quote on CDW let...