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  1. bigbadbyrnes

    State border closures illegal under the highest law in the country?

    Everything is arguable in law, doubly so in constitutional law. This is a matter for the high court. But here's my opening argument; Section 92 of the highest law in the country sets out "On the imposition of uniform duties of customs, trade, commerce, and intercourse among the States, whether...
  2. bigbadbyrnes

    Official source of detailed rules around interstate travel and self isolation

    My partner lives with her family in Perth, but tries to visit me in Brisbane as often as possible, basically here is her "second home". A lot of our plans are now up in the air, but I want to understand that the actual process and solution would be to see each other again. I live alone, and...
  3. bigbadbyrnes

    No status flyer with points-purchased J flight using fly ahead PER-BNE

    Hi folks, Got a friend who asked me this one; No status, but have a business class flight paid for with points from PER to BNE on a Sunday departing at 10:30ish. Theres a midday flight and a 9:30am flight. They want to know if they rock up at check in at 8:30 would they get put on the 9am...
  4. bigbadbyrnes

    BNE - LAX J class redemption?

    Greetings heroes, spent the the last few years accumulating a small mountain of points, and I've gone to cash them in for a J return flight BNE LAX, 20 Aug out 12 Sept returning. Turns out, things have changed since the last redemption flight I booked ... And I can't find any availability of...
  5. bigbadbyrnes

    Help requested- anyone travelling SYD -BNE this afternoon

    Greetings fellow flyers; after many many sectors, I've finally managed to have a case of left-behind baggage. I left a small item in the SYD lounge and am seeking a Good Samaritan to assist in returning it to me. The item is small, about the size of carry on, is light and not fragile, but...
  6. bigbadbyrnes

    Consequences of failing to board in BNE for a BNE-LAX Via SYD

    I write on behalf of a colleague in the following situation: >Wants a ticket OOL->LAX via SYD, but this couldn’t be booked because staff couldn’t get the fare mapping to work >Relucantly books BNE-LAX via SYD >In Premium Economy, carry on only >Later sees cheap OOL-SYD fares on special >Calls...
  7. bigbadbyrnes

    Flying BNE-MSP (Minneapolis) in Y+, cannot be booked?

    Greetings flyers, Just how deep is the rabbit hole into which Virgin have sunk? At the moment a colleauge of mine is attempting to book a flight from Brisbane to Minneapolis in Premium Economy in late July, connecting through LAX (of course). After two hours on the phone and talking to two...
  8. bigbadbyrnes

    Points upgrades on International Long Haul Intl. Anyone have any success?

    Since introducing this benefit as detailed here: https://www.velocityrewards.com.au/content/ProgramBenefits/TermsConditions/index.htm#13 has anyone had any success in using their points to do any upgrading? With no evidence at all, I suspect that the seats available to be upgraded to are...
  9. bigbadbyrnes

    What aircraft are Virgin using to fly BNE to DUD (Dunedin)?

    Got a flight BNE to DUD coming up in a couple of weeks, 5 points to anyone who can tell me what kind of aircraft they use for that particular flight. Giddy up.
  10. bigbadbyrnes

    Europcar Priviliage Elite benefits (for Velocity Plats) "free additional drive cover"

    Good afternoon all, Just a quick query - has anyone had any experience making use of Europcar's Privilege Elite benefit "free additional driver cover"? When setting up a new booking through the Europcar website logged into my Elite account, checking the 'additional driver' box under extras...
  11. bigbadbyrnes

    Two for one 2FOR1 flights on the Flyer Visa Credit Card when both pax hold CCs

    Greetings all, I have a situation that (an excellent staff member at) Velocity is currently sorting out for me, but wanted to bounce this off all of you in case someone else finds themselves in the same situation. The people I’m now talking too are people who have the Virgin Money Flyer card...
  12. bigbadbyrnes

    Alerts for OOL MEL BNE and BNK rain-affected flights & flexible travel 'arrangements'

    Travel Alerts | Virgin Australia Not specific on the dates that flights can be cancelled for without charge.
  13. bigbadbyrnes

    Would a DJ Gold flyer travelling international with his family recieve all benefits?

    Asking this question on behalf of a college of mine - He wonders if he would still be entitled to receive all the Velocity Gold benefits when traveling overseas with his wife and two young children seeing as he would be the only velocity member in that group (family pooling obviously) who has...
  14. bigbadbyrnes

    Sydney Airport Pick up in the drop off area

    Arvo all, Many of us will be familiar with the cluster hump that has become doing a passenger pick up at SYD. Simple question - is there anything stopping a passenger from helping himself to a post-flight coffee/beer in the DJ lounge than striding out into the 'drop off' area and getting a...
  15. bigbadbyrnes

    Velocity Platinum - whats the best way to fly from SYD or BNE to HKG?

    Alright chaps and chappettes? Elevated myself to Platinum after a prolonged period of SFLT'ing on VirginAustralia and parters, with whom I have been pleased, but I have a question: As someone looking to fly with an airline on which I can earn SCs and Vel Points, whats the best way to get from...
  16. bigbadbyrnes

    How exactly are SCs calculated when flying with VA and VX? And SC for the US SkyWest?

    I've tried searching threads for an answer to this query but have come up empty handed - please forgive me if this has been covered before. To phrase this as briefly as I can, let me simply ask: How many status credits is the attached itinerary worth? (noting the 7 day layover in LAX between VA...
  17. bigbadbyrnes

    Europcar at Tullamarine Airport - Onsite or shuttle?

    2 hours of Googling and searching threads has not revealed a definite answer. May I ask someone who knows for sure: At Tullamarine airport, is Europcar's fleet actually on site, a walk away from the terminal? Or do you still have to get a shuttle bus out to their car park (which can add...
  18. bigbadbyrnes

    A tale of woe... when a minor booking error results in missing out on 60 SCs

    Fellow members, I ask for your understanding but also your feedback. I feel I have a right to consider myself hard-done-by, but let this be a lesson (a lesson most of you won't need due to your extensive experience) to all observers. A co-worker and I were umm'ing and aah'ing about forking...