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  1. jimbo jones

    Long wait for refund for cancelled reward flights Qantas - a common experience?

    Never got an answer after waiting one our (gold frequent flyer). Had a return flight from Sydney to Hong Kong cancelled. Tried 5 different times during may - September 2020, waited over an hour (using Hong kong number). Tried calling whist in quarantine December 2020 in Australia - line...
  2. jimbo jones

    Free Two Hyatt Club access vouchers

    I don't qualify with your rules.. Still like to take one if it's not going to be used. Cancelled lease on apartment and cheaper to stay in Hotel for 30+ nights.
  3. jimbo jones

    Hilton status extension till 2022

    I've been downgraded to silver. I will be spending about 40 nights in a hotel this year before returning home for Christmas. Mulling switching from Hyatt (downgraded from Globalist to Explorist and will probably finish with 50 nights this year on World of Hyatt. Reading it feels like I could...