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    Put more money on credit and earn points?

    Hi All, Just a quick question. If I put more money on my credit card (above my credit limit) and use that will I earn points? Cheers
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    SC and Points with Singapore Air credited to Velocity

    HI, Just after some advice/guidance. I have an upcoming trip Sydney, Brisbane, Singapore, Hong Kong and back to Sydney. This trip should see I get back to GOLD from RED with family pooling from my other half. I have KrisFlyer account linked to my Velocity account is that all I need to do to...
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    Gold Status before flights taken??

    Hi All, I've searched the threads but haven't found anything that may assist. Maybe I searched on the wrong term??? I'm 10sc's off Silver and will be travelling from Sydney to Auckland this Thursday which will take me to Silver. Late June I have flights booked to the UK and Europe which will...
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    Lounge Join Fee

    Hi All, After being with Velocity since inception I joined The lounge paying the joining fee and maintaining Silver up until recently and went back to Red :( My Lounge membership has just lapsed and now VA want to charge me another joining fee for re joining. Why if you pay an initial...
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    Toxic Fumes within Cabins - Sunday Night TV Show Ch7

    Hi All, Just saw the back end of an investigation report by Investigative Reporter Ross Coulthart about airlines not coming clean about the toxic fumes within cabins. The report was on Sunday Night Ch7 however the link isn't on the site yet. An ex Ansett pilot states she and a professor...
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    Bluey Day Appeal Supporting Emergency Service Workers

    Very tragic set of circumstances for all across the nation...... Want to help the Emergency Service Workers? Look what the Bluey Day Foundation just released ***** MEDIA RELEASE **** 10 February 2009 BLUEY DAY APPEAL SUPPORTING EMERGENCY SERVICE WORKERS AFFECTED BY VICTORIAN BUSHFIRES...
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    Interested in Playing on the ASX?

    Road test the market and you could win The ASX sharemarket game provides a great way for investors to improve their trading skills without risking their own money. Players buy and sell shares in the top 100 listed companies with a virtual $50,000 over a 15 week period. Registrations for the...
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    Failed Hijack Attempt in NZ

    Hijack woman wanted to go to Australia NEW Zealand police have charged a woman with hijacking and other offences after she allegedly stabbed two pilots during a mid-air drama and tried to take over a passenger plane. The 33-year-old Somali woman will face Christchurch District Court...
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    Virgin Blue Weighing Hand Luggage

    Thought I would share that whilst using Priority checkin at Melbourne DOM the attendant asked to weigh my (normal size carryon) luggage. Well to my surprise (I didn't expect that to happen as I normally just travel with carry on) when it was weighed it came to 13kg's and was asked to make it...
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    What benefits would you like with Velocity?

    Just looking at my velocity account and was thinking of what I would like to have added to the program. I know people will naturally reach Gold with their flight behaviour however I just can't see the real benefit in trying to reach Gold just to get free lounge access and an extra point/staus...
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    Australia's Number 1 Frequent Flyer on ACA

    Hi All, Australia's number 1 frequent flyer according to ACA is Mel Gottlieb. Mel is apparently Qantas's number 1 frequent flyer with approximately 500hrs in the air per year. Mel claims he had about 6million points at one stage. Mel Gottlieb’s Frequent Flyer tips: BOOK AHEAD OR AT THE...
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    Claiming Un credited miles

    Hi All, I need to submit a claim in writing to United (as per their website) to have my trip on SQ from ATH to SIN and then SIN to SYD credited I have all my documentation except the orginal boarding passes. Does anyone know if United will stilll credit without the original boarding passes?
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    Mobile phone boarding pass

    This is interesting technology................. Mobile phone boarding pass ready for takeoff AIRLINE passengers in Australia could soon be able to use their mobile phones as boarding passes under a new scheme to be trialled this year. The International Air Transport Association, the...
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    Engineers Postpone Strike

    INDUSTRIAL action planned by Qantas engineers for tomorrow has been postponed. The Australian Licensed Aircraft Association (ALAEA) has put off a plan to refuse to work overtime following failed negotiations with management over pay rises. "The bottom line is, we met today, we had a...
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    On Board Courier service (OBC)

    Hi All, There used to be a company called Jupiter Oceana Jupiter Air Oceania Limited - On Board Courier who provided the OBC however they appear not to offer this anymore. You could only book the flight something like 6-12 weeks before you want to leave and it will involve travelling with a...
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    Altitude Travel Call Centre Experience

    Hi All, Called the Altitude Rewards Call Centre today for an international fare request with points and I thought I would share my experience: Called and on hold 15mins male answered and requested my credit card details and security questions Provided the answers Asked about international...
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    Red Carpert Lounge Access in The Lounge?

    Hi All, I have United Red Carpet lounge access and was wondering if I could use this to gain entry into The Lounge whilst flying on VB domestic? I think I know the answer but just confirming.
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    QFF Joining and claiming for flights

    Hi All, Easy question I guess. I was wondering if it's possible to join QFF then claim for the flights just taken whilst not a member? I have a firned how will be flying back from the UK tomorrow after a holiday and they didn't join QFF before they left (silly bugger) and wanted me to find...
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    Hi All, I'm looking for a table that will show me which countries I will or wont need a VISA for travelling on an Australian passport. Is there such a list available? Would make it easier than checking out each country (11) I want to go to in Sept and Oct. Cheers Alien
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    Itinerary Recording

    Hi All, I'm sure I've seen a wwebsite on here where you can record and keep track of your trips calculating the miles you fly however I've searched and haven't been able to locate. Can anyone assit with the website/s that do this? Cheers Alien