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  1. bismarck

    Recognised and thanked...but a bit short changed

    So a bit of a DYKWIA, but nonetheless bear with me. I travel pretty frequently to Melbourne and this week have been nicely thanked by the hotel with a gift acknowledging my 30th stay (thoughtful and much appreciated) The issue? I went back and checked my loyalty account and it's actually...
  2. bismarck

    How to take (lots) of excess baggage?

    Hoping to draw on the community's expertise to help my Dad out. He is planning on take some long service leave this year, and will be travelling around Europe on a bike. As a result, he needs to take quite a lot of baggage (60-70kg he estimates). Plan would be to fly in and out of Geneva...
  3. bismarck

    Calories in airline meals?

    Does anyone have any idea how many calories are in airline meals? E.g. the cardboard boxes you get on a QF domestic hop
  4. bismarck

    Netflix now able to download for viewing later

    Fantastic news - Netflix is enabling download of selected shows for viewing later (without an internet connection). Will be great for Golden Triangle road warriors who've seen everything on the IFE. http://www.vox.com/new-money/2016/11/30/13793870/netflix-download-option-feature
  5. bismarck

    Changes to QF Loyalty Bonus (now includes status credits)

    Looks like a quiet change to the QF Loyalty Bonus to now offer the option of 50 Status Credits. Could be fairly handy for some who come close to attaining/retaining platinum. Source: https://www.qantas.com/fflyer/dyn/flying/earning-points-qantas-jetstar#loyaltybonus
  6. bismarck

    Citibank Platinum Referral - 80,000 bonus points

    I've long been an advocate of the Citibank suite of cards. Below is a referral offer for the Citibank Platinum card - for which there is currently no public bonus points offer (that I can see) Benefits include: 80,000 bonus citibank points after your first spend (equivalent to 32,000...
  7. bismarck

    500 Point bonus for booking through the HGP App

    H/T to FlyerTalk. Have completed a stay and the bonus shows up automatically. The app isn't bad these days so pretty easy to rebook some stays through the app to pick up a few extra bonus points. Hyatt Gold Passport members that book and complete an eligible stay via the Mobile App or Mobile...
  8. bismarck

    737 Seating Options

    I have a flight booked to DPS over the new year break and am presented with the below seatmap. On a 737 I would usually select exit row as I appreciate the legroom (I'm 6'2") but am wondering if row 6 mightn't be better? EF is showing Row 4 as occupied unfortunately, so no hope of that opening...
  9. bismarck

    WiFi on QF Domestic

    Noticed this article mentions WiFi coming to Qantas domestic. Qantas announces up to $500m share buyback on record $921m half-year profit Would be great to be able to watch Netflix on my flights on the Golden Triangle as I usually exhaust everything I'm interested in watching on Q pretty...
  10. bismarck

    10x points on iTunes purchases

    Seems to be targeted but rego link is quite generic so may as well give it a try - iTunes Registration Citibank Australia Runs from 7/9 - 31/10 and requires registration by 31/8 Max of 2,000 bonus points.
  11. bismarck

    Qantas' awesome new first class (according to Conde Nast)

    Ummm.....I wish!! Flying Hotels: The Latest Luxuries in First Class Cabins - Condé Nast Traveler
  12. bismarck

    Starwood/Emirate Partnership - "Your World Rewards"

    Hadn't seen this posted anywhere yet (Mods should move if I've just been blind) Starwood & Emirates elites can now earn a bonus point per dollar when flying/staying with the other. Looks like a useful little promo to keep those points rolling over Inside: Starwood Emirates Partnership Your...
  13. bismarck

    SYD - airport transfers

    Wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a decent private car transfer that operates on a flat rate basis? Would be going from the Upper North Shore to SYD International. Price a key consideration - will be going on a Monday morning so expect a cab sitting in traffic to probably be just...
  14. bismarck

    Connecting at Heathrow

    I am flying LHR-ICN in a month or so with Asiana but need a connection to LHR from CDG (separate ticket) The LHR-ICN departs at 21:00 from T1 I booked a BA flight a while back which arrives into T5 at 6:15 thinking that would be plenty of time based on my previous (relatively smooth) transit...
  15. bismarck

    Australia to Europe for <$1k on EY

    Looks like a number of Australian cities to Europe are on sale at the moment for travel in October. Cheap flights to Europe, London UK, Rome and Paris Flights | STA Travel | Europe and UK flights
  16. bismarck

    Cancelling CommBank Gold Card

    Thought I would post back on my experience. I'd been meaning to cancel my CBA Gold Card for a few months (after their woeful reduction in earning to 0.4pts/$ on Mastercard) but with a bunch of travel hadn't got around to it. Finally called up this week fully intent on cancelling (as it's...
  17. bismarck

    EK Baggage Delivery Service

    Has anyone made use of the Emirates' baggage delivery service when arriving in Dubai? While a bit pricey, seems like a decent arrangement to have the benefits of travelling HLO when on a longer trip. Wish they/QF would do this in Sydney to provide a means of circumventing customs delays...
  18. bismarck

    Citi Overseas Payments

    An planning on making a rather large purchase from a US website that ships to Australia. It offers the option to pay by bank transfer to ANZ or by CC. Will pay by CC but trying to work out whether to use Plat Edge or Citi Plat. If it counts as an "overseas purchase" it would seem that 3pt/$ on...
  19. bismarck

    How do you do it? SG, WP, WP1 etc [Mainly Domestic Oz travel]

    As I am tackling my first ONE4 at the end of the year, and have recently begun a new job that could involve regular travel interstate, I've begun thinking about how I might be able to attain WP to enjoy some of the nicer lounges as we jet around the world. Work will happily pay for full Y...
  20. bismarck

    Best No/Low Fee Credit Card

    So I'm just starting to get MrsBismarck excited about the idea of FF points (now that we've booked a RTW on points, she's beginning to see the value) She currently has some woeful CommBank rewards card that has an awful earn rate, and is keen to keep earning to her QFF account. I was going to...