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  1. dougieboy

    Qantas to outsource ground handling across Australia

    Unfortunate reality... but reasonably foreseeable. I suspected there would be another job cull announcement after the initial job cuts several months back. Easier to swallow when the cow isn't whole. Outsourcing to the lowest bidder, so I wonder when we have to start worrying about our bags...
  2. dougieboy

    Order a Qantas "care pack" for $25

    They got 3 x $1 from me before I thought of the possibility that it sold out. Oh well. Gotta be quick 'round here! I'll try google chrome and not safari, if there is a next time. Though I have noticed lots of new PJs on ebay going at $80 - opportunists strike again. I'm gonna pass. Never...
  3. dougieboy

    Order a Qantas "care pack" for $25

    A general error occurs after your credit card is verified and prevents purchase - anyone else having this problem? The took the $1 though!
  4. dougieboy

    QF Final 747 flights - SYD, BNE & CBR

    better livestream feed when compared to Channel 7 - thanks!
  5. dougieboy

    Qantas 747 joy flight out of Canberra

    Have fun today! Your turn has finally arrived.
  6. dougieboy

    Qantas 747 joy flight out of Brisbane

    No doubt it will pop up on social media rounds at some stage. I was due for a haircut anyway, so I thought let's make it a little more fun on the day.
  7. dougieboy

    Qantas 747 joy flight out of Brisbane

    What a hoot! Very lively and sociable QF customers/staff made for a great atmosphere on board. The bubbly was constantly flowing and everyone was mingling across the classes. Epic conversations were had as we looked upon the skyscrapers of the Gold Coast and Brisbane city, and the fabulous...
  8. dougieboy

    Qantas 747 joy flight out of Brisbane

    8K, see you in the lounge - should be a great day to remember.
  9. dougieboy

    QF Final 747 flights - SYD, BNE & CBR

    It's been awhile since I was on here.... but i got my hands on a J ticket for Brisbane 747 joy flight!
  10. dougieboy

    Jetstar ranks lowest of more than 70 airlines in major survey by consumer groups

    Whilst not a comprehensive analysis and somewhat flawed in terms of leaving out major competitors in that assessment, I nonetheless smiled with glee when I flicked on the Sky News channel only to be greeted with the vision of a Jetstar airplane taxiing above the caption 'Worst airline in the...
  11. dougieboy

    Qantas jacks up baggage costs

    Ouch! Tell us about it! I dropped off my mother at Bundaberg for the last time this morning - the excess baggage on the 3rd and fourth items were $90 and $70. Travelling on J via BNE to DRW, moving for work so do not normally carry so many bags. The additional cost will be reclaimed through...
  12. dougieboy

    Why does Qantas persist with 747-400 thirty years plus rust buckets.

    I have only flown first class once and that was on VH-OJP, so I will always hold this as a cherished memory of the beloved 744s. I'm happy with premium economy.
  13. dougieboy

    Qantas Club Dress Standards...Stubbies, singlet and thongs....What the???

    A psychologists perspective - jumping through hoops in the hope of other's approval is a conditional based love. Let people be who they are. Cultures, customs, traditions and more importantly the way that we feel define and assist in moulding who we become, what we perceive as 'right' and...
  14. dougieboy

    Fly Business Class Perth to Sydney for just $500 and support ScoutsWA

    Literally a plane FULL OF screaming kids, rofl.
  15. dougieboy

    ALL QF's 330's to get lay flat Business seating - Including Domestic

    Is is true that 2 of the current QF A330s are nearing their 'end of lease' contract and will find new lives as A330 tankers for the Australian airforce. I read this somewhere but i forget, or it may be for another thread post. That's 2 aircraft out of action and with new destinations being...
  16. dougieboy

    Qantaslink B717 info

    I just had a quick look online (I'm living up this way for awhile). I could not see any B717 service, only a direct flight on Saturday using Dash 8s (2hours direct). Or fly to YBNE then connect to a SYD flight. They do have B717 flights from Gladstone to Brisbane.
  17. dougieboy

    New York Restaurants

    Red Rooster in Harlem, catch the train to 125th Street and its across the road. It's amazing southern fried chicken, Jazz blues and singers on Sunday evening. I loved the dessert wine (warm wine with raisins in the glass - might have been scandinavian/swedish.... so good!). Mind you theres a...
  18. dougieboy

    Road Rule discussion

    Re: Grammar Discussions "All i wanna do is to thank you, even though I don't know who you are. You let me change lanes while I was driving in my car" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfRNZucoCyw&list=FLoEpdYrejnWqK1FgjISrGOg&index=3
  19. dougieboy

    Bizarre Experience at the QF J Lounge LAX

    Multi lounge access - just like the 5th element ........ "Multi-Pass!" to Floston Paradise! Enjoy your trip.
  20. dougieboy

    I learnt a valuable lesson yesterday

    Don't touch other peoples property and mind your own business class seat! Do gooders like missionaries screwing the whole world up one stupid action at a time when no one ever asked them to.