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    Aeroplane Seat Belts

    With advances in seat design, and designers' armed with better technology to understand likely passenger head, neck and body impacts during abnormal events, there seem to be two schools of though emerging on better seat belt safety design. Specifically; the seat belt airbag, or the three point...
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    VA - "I still call Australia home"

    Australya's best domestic business class Virgin Australia - I still call Australia home
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    "May I offer you a pre-flight refreshment?"

    Is anyone else getting this PDB offer from the CS (in domestic business class). Generally it occurs after a personal introduction/spiel? If you look confused, the CS will then suggest; "water, juice or sparkling wine" (most useful as connecting Delta passengers seem to be multiplying on VA)... I...
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    Feels like home to me - which airline?

    If you fly Qantas, have you seen how Virgin does it with a smile? Makes it really feel like home to me...
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    Domestic Single Aisle Premium Strategy at VA

    Just a little bit of would-be-airline-CEO style strategy talk, for an Easter long weekend... So, what do you think of the new staggered premium seats for E2 Embraer E-jets? These are configurable with up to 50" pitch, and when done so, resemble a more "lounge-like" premium...
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    Evolution of the paws - kangaroo paws @ TN/QF

    On a very hot east coast weekend,, and wet one on the west coast - here's a look back to when the kangaroo returned to the domestic skies... and take a look at how long the paws were!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YH7kqLX8wE ...from the outback to the city - the transformation from TAA to...
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    Rear Door Boarding/Disembarking at All Ports

    Qantas seems poised to start using tarmac boarding/disembarking at all it's terminals with aerobridges. I witnessed a soft launch in MEL T1, where everything was set up and the aerobridge door left open for passengers to use, but no announcements made in the gate lounge to use the tarmac to...
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    QF IFE to ditch Channel 9 in favour of Fox

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    Delta - JFK T4 SkyClub

    Here's a quick look around Delta's SkyClub Lounge at New York, JFK Terminal 4, (on a very cold winter's morning).
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    US to exit STAR 30th March & join ONEWORLD 31st

    I think that this info really needs its own thread. US Airways | Welcome Loyalty Program Page
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    November 50% Promotion - who's doing what?

    I am wondering what people are thinking and doing, in regards to the latest (and possibly one of the last ever) USDM 50% bonus offers? So I thought a quick poll, to see who is doing what, might help people (like me) who haven't made up their mind what to do yet.
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    Asiana transitions to Amadeus' Altea 17th November

    Just a heads up that over this weekend Asiana is changing reservation systems. Here's hoping that the new system will allow (in particular) DM & LM award bookers the facility to do advance online seat selection once again. Asiana Airlines
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    Gate to Gate Personal Electronics use, now a reality on AA

    It's official - AA now allows gate to gate personal electronic device usage, on most domestic flights. https://www.aa.com/i18n/travelInformation/duringFlight/onboardTechnology.jsp American Airlines Customers Will Have Gate-to-Gate Use Of Handheld Portable Electronic Devices Beginning This...
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    Premium MidCon Domestic QF vs VA (observing the attention to detail)

    I thought I'd share my brief comparison of the premium services provided on board Business Class, from the two major domestic airlines on afternoon/evening flights over 3 hours (which aren't premium Perth services - i.e. not Coast to Coast on VA nor Small Plates/Large Plates on QF). Things...
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    Up to 30% off - 72 hour sale

    Promo Code DGL57 Travel Period 16 October - 12 December 1 February - 28 March Up to 30% off Domestic Economy Domestic Business Class Book before end 21 August 2013
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    Odd PDB service on VA

    I had an odd experience the other day, where the CS had decided to redesign the PDB service. While I like the idea of a CS having flexibility to adapt to the needs of their guests, I would have thought that Pre Departure Beverage service is a non-flexible service standard... And, on an...
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    Is WiFi D.O.A. aircraft technology?

    With some customer surveys indicating that passenger preference for on-board GSM connection is 97% higher than WiFi. Are airlines, that are deploying WiFi, installing a technology that is going to be Dead On Arrival? Flightglobal Flight Daily News - 09/04/2013 digital edition has presented an...
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    "Enjoy your journey" at American Airlines

    Looks like the "new AA" is about to step onboard a somewhat familiar QF mantra. See the inscription on top of the wall, at the back (right) of the picture.
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    From Hotel Room exit to Airline Lounge entry in 14 minutes - Novotel to TG F at BKK.

    Someone a few weeks back was asking questions about how long it takes to get from the Airport Hotel at Bangkok to arrival airside, so I decided to document it on my recent trip. Thus I started my phone's video recording as I closed my hotel room door, and stopped it as I entered the Thai First...
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    US vs AA vs Lifemiles from AU

    I did a quick comparison for First Class (rtn) redemptions, between the three major programs, to try and figure out which one was the best value. If anyone cares to check my calculations below, just let me know if you can see any errors, so it can be corrected. :) Avianca $/m USA ASIA...