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  1. ChrisMars

    QF Status Credits Deadlines

    In addition, there is an exceptional status rollover happenning. All details here Status Support | Qantas Frequent Flyer . With your circumstances, you should exceptionnaly start your next membership year with 100sc, helping you to retain silver for the membership year starting August 2022...
  2. ChrisMars

    QF Platinum Denied Lounge on Arrival with Qantas Sydney Airport

    Can t remember seeing an annoucement. I got denied arrival access back in August already, lounge was empty of course, CBR.
  3. ChrisMars

    New 100 Year anniversary Q Tags

    Qantas has updated its website with respect of physical cards and kits. So... 31 dec 2021 now for re qualified QFF members. Ironically, the way I read this announceement, existing QFF bronze (or silver) members who come from Virgin with a succesfull gold status match should get their pack as...
  4. ChrisMars

    Level above Qantas Points Club Plus

    The ET article mention that the 1Millions points target is activity points: earning plus reedeming. If Qantas pick this one, it's not completly out of reach for people who already manage points plus club, especially once international flight (and associated rewards flight or upgrade resume). In...
  5. ChrisMars

    WP in a Covid-19 world

    30 march anniversary here. I requalified with the 900 boost/support SC, a few on the ground SC, and a few leisure trips. I'll fly again to trigger the rollover offer, I should be able to rollover ~450 SC, plus 100 from points plus club. But my flying pattern won't recover quickly enough to...
  6. ChrisMars

    Qantas New Partner - BP

    They landed on my account, dated Dec 1.
  7. ChrisMars

    Book a flight and Extend Current status to 2022

    I got a reply from frequent_flyer@qantas.com.au (thanks @sudoer for suggesting to write to them) and got clarification on rollover of SC rollover: Concerning this rollover offer, the up-to-100-SC that members might have earned already as part of Qantas Points Plus benefit will not count towards...
  8. ChrisMars

    50 SC bonus with new Qantas health insurance policies [sign-up by 30 Nov 2020]

    One piece of advice here, for anyone considering switching health insurance provider; check that the insurer will waive the waiting period. It's pretty common, but safer to check. Going from your provider to Qantas Insurance looks fine, as written on the Qantas health website: "Waiting periods...
  9. ChrisMars

    Card Promotions Amex Qantas ultimate: 100k QFF + 200$ back + 450$ Qantas credit for 450$ fee

    This offer looks appealing with the unusual 200 AUD back, on top of the usual 450AUD travel credit and other benefits. https://www.qantas.com/au/en/frequent-flyer/member-specials/american-express-ultimate.html...
  10. ChrisMars

    50 SC bonus with new Qantas health insurance policies [sign-up by 30 Nov 2020]

    The T&Cs of the email sent out to members seems to be better worded: I think only the SC already accrued from PointsPlusClub rollover are ambiguous.
  11. ChrisMars

    Book a flight and Extend Current status to 2022

    I think your SC earned with JQ with the bundle should rollover. Only the flight booked post 23 nov to trigger the rollover offer should not be on JQ domestic. But yea, March members have much less time to accrue rollover sc, than say Decembers, plus probably no, or limited options to fly...
  12. ChrisMars

    Book a flight and Extend Current status to 2022

    This bit below is what confuses me, most likely cause I am not native speaker. To me it reads as if each member needs its separate booking on their name (plus of course qff numbers attached). Let me know
  13. ChrisMars

    Book a flight and Extend Current status to 2022

    Do I understand correctly that to extend a couple, you would need to make 2 separates booking (2 separates pnr), one in each name?
  14. ChrisMars

    Book a flight and Extend Current status to 2022

    Happy with the rollover. Would love to get a confirmation that this year granted PointsPlusClub100sc rollover count towards the 40% rollover. Also, the title of the thread deserve an update :)
  15. ChrisMars

    Credit recovery after late payment

    Money smart claims it's 5 years. https://moneysmart.gov.au/managing-debt/credit-repair There is a section about repair, it indicates that the credit provider could fix it if some circumstances are met. One is that they failed to notify you, which I guess could be the case if you got no email sms...
  16. ChrisMars

    Qantas Hotels - Tax invoice changes

    My bad, Indeed I often do not prepay, thanks for clarifying.
  17. ChrisMars

    Qantas Hotels - Tax invoice changes

    Yes, let us know @Bindibuys I base my hypothesis on past experience with hotels.com, I think (not fully sure) that a while back they would issue the invoice only after the booking has started (or ended) I am reasonably confident the hotel must provide you an invoice, and it will show the amount...
  18. ChrisMars

    Qantas Hotels - Tax invoice changes

    Could it be that Qantas reissue the invoice once you stayed at the place you booked? Maybe preventing some confusion whaen altering or canceling a booking? If this is really the new invoice, and thats not enough for your employer, you could always ask an invoice at checkout, or request an...
  19. ChrisMars

    Applying to credit card as a contractor

    Thanks everyone, really appreciate the info and tips :)
  20. ChrisMars

    Status credits and points with Red Energy

    If you desperatly needs those sc, you could switch and rejoin. This seems compatible with the limitation stated: