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    question regarding a mobile phone overseas without roaming

    All my instinct tells me this is a silly question and I know the answer but I'm after clarification from the brains trust. :) I had a question asked of me the other day, if you go overseas with a mobile that does not have roaming and someone calls the number, does the caller hear the...
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    Sloppy ground staff @ ORD

    LiveLeak.com - Jet sucks a safety pylon into its engine Shame there is no audio as I'm be curious how loud an incident like that would be.
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    buying your way to the next tier

    Just saw a thread over on FT about AA allowing pax to buy their way up to the next elite status level. Quite an interesting concept! American Airlines AAdvantage Elite Renewal - An Exclusive Offer New ways to meet elite starting in January 2014 - FlyerTalk Forums
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    New Silver Card Design - 1000 bonus points

    After months of wear and tear on my EDR Mastercard it finally cracked and I had to order a replacement. Arrived in the mail yesterday and after reading through the activation details I've noticed an additional paragraph that reads: "We're also pleased to advise that you're one of the first...
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    QF11 ontime performance & LAX transit

    Booked on QF11 in June as the beginning of the annual MR and need to get up to SEA same day. Only options aa is spitting out is an 11:30 or 15:30 departure codeshare on AS. ETA for QF11 is currently scheduled as an 09:45 arrival - I'd prefer to jump on the 11:30 LAX-SEA and hope QF11 is ontime...
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    MIRVAC hotels to be aquired by ACCOR

    As has been reported over the last month or so in the media, I'm told there will be an announcement tomorrow (Friday 16th December 2011) that ACCOR will be officially acquiring the MIRVAC group of hotels. I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing (personally I was hoping IHG would win the bid...
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    "Ibis Budget" Hotel Auckland Airport [was Formule 1]

    Just a quick heads up that the Hotel Formule 1 Auckland Airport opened for business yesterday, 29/08/2011. Standard F1 facilities with the addition of a 24 hour front desk (no kiosk check in option) with rates @ $NZD79.00 (will increase to approx $NZD129.00 for the RWC). Much cheaper option...
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    10% off codes

    I normally use www.centuryinthemaking.com to get the 10% off code for AA flights. Just went to the site to get a code and I can't select any moments or see a vote now button. Clicking on the High School Moments button it says to select 5 moments and click Vote Now but I cant select any or see...
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    Another CHC quake

    Just got a message from a mate in CHC saying that a massive earthquake has just brought down the cathedral and buildings around the main square have collapsed. Hope any CHC AFF'ers are ok. Huge quake hits Christchurch
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    QFF Restaurant Reviews

    Now that we are able to earn FF points at certain restaurants as outlined in Frequent Flyer - Earning Points - Restaurants I thought it would be helpful to have a reviews thread based on this list, within the QFF forums. I had a look around to see if this was more applicable in a different forum...