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  1. jetlagger

    April Wine Tour - The Elder Tour to Rockford

    Thank you for the opportunity to join the lovely day tour. Am also very appreciative of Buzzard & Ruby for their wonderful organisation & entertainment for the day events & also enjoyable to share with familiar & a few new faces. :)
  2. jetlagger

    April Wine Tour - The Elder Tour to Rockford

    1 Confirmed. Look forward to the event.
  3. jetlagger

    Adelaide Dinner & Get Together Saturday 28th April

    Hi Buzz, Slight delay in response to this meet up. If still available can add myself +1 for the dinner reservation please. Cheers, jl
  4. jetlagger

    Wrecking Ball Tour of the Barossa 29 April 2018

    A little delayed at chiming in as I have been absent awhile. Confirmed for 1+ for this event. Looking forward to it.
  5. jetlagger

    Cebu Pacific

    What would you like to know regarding Cebu Pacific? I'm still flying with them on a regular basis so could offer feedback if you require.
  6. jetlagger

    BNE Dinner and Drinks - Mon 14th Sept 2015

    Thanks for the reminder.. Looking forward to this evening too.. :D
  7. jetlagger

    BNE Dinner and Drinks - Mon 14th Sept 2015

    If the seat/s are still available.. I would like to tentatively reserve one please.. :)
  8. jetlagger

    Seen in the VA Brisbane lounge ...

    That is horrid! :shock:
  9. jetlagger

    IHG Hotels that recognise status

    As a Platinum Amb. for the last stays.
  10. jetlagger

    IHG Hotels that recognise status

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Past couple of stays @ the IC SIN the supplement for the Club access was +SGD50 per night, which I thought was reasonable as with other properties in Asia the common rating for Club access appears to be around the USD70 range.
  11. jetlagger

    IHG Hotels that recognise status

    However not always the case IIRC the times I gave booked a business room, as a Plat. I've had upgrades but have had to opt in for the paid option for the Club Access as with other IC properties in Asia.
  12. jetlagger

    AFF BBQ GC - 2nd May 2015

    Thought it best to also add this one as a memory.. :shock: Though a little belated. Thank you Sam for hosting another lovely event. Pleasant afternoon with great wines, food & humourous company. :D
  13. jetlagger

    Cathay Lounge at Manila

    The lounge/s provides some respite from the disaster of Manila airport/s. The arrival & departure formalities are still frustrating at the best of times.
  14. jetlagger

    Qantas Delays/Cancellations

    Re: General Qantas Delays/Cancellations/etc. Discussion It's a beautiful sunny day in Gold Coast :)
  15. jetlagger

    Japan TR (include JL & CX F review)

    Really enjoying your comprehensive TR boomy. Thanks for the fine efforts & sharing the journey. :D
  16. jetlagger

    Intercontinental Hotel, Sanctuary Cove

    Sounds nice.. :) Additionally I heard that there was a fire at the resort early this morning.
  17. jetlagger

    What is the best option to get from MEL to MNL?

    Thanks.. Should have looked up thread. Though its a J regional B738 on MH IIRC
  18. jetlagger

    How does Accor treat you as an Elite guest?

    how is the room nowadays?
  19. jetlagger

    Noise Cancelling Headphones

    I bought a cheap set of Sony Bluetooth NC headphones $100 from the Sony store in BNE couple of months ago. Tried them out on a few flights & would rate them at best 6/10 for NC & sound quality. The only redeeming positive factor was the battery life.