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  1. jetlagger

    EY Emergency Landing in BNE

    Just heard on the wire that an EY 330 made an emergency landing at BNE a short time ago. Any more information?
  2. jetlagger

    Use of mobile phones whilst inflight.

    Just a probe for feedback from some of the more regular flight travellers. I was on a flight earlier today when a passenger seated directly behind me was using his mobile to make a call as the airplane was on landing approach. Evidently the call lasted for several minutes & I did give mentioning...
  3. jetlagger

    What/Where is the most expensive/cheap price for a serve of beer that you have paid?

    As the weather is warming up for most of us, thought it would be most appropriate to add a relevant thread find amongst the well traversed within the AFF community where you have enjoyed, or not, your experiences with the best & worst prices of beer - To get the ball rolling.. As a starter -...
  4. jetlagger

    Hong kong hotels recommendations update...

    I know this thread has been 'overdone".. Though I have have a vested interest in updates..:) Heading up to HKG next month after Macau, where have sorted the hotels, though after will be heading to HKG for few days for trade fairs at HKG Convention Centre & Asia World-Expo. Would be interested to...
  5. jetlagger

    'Flew with Pam Ann airlines" last night

    I managed to catch the show in BNE last night. First time to see her live.. What a fantastic experience.. Brilliant stand up stage comedy - all airline related. She managed to make a complete mockery of plenty of airlines & related air travel experiences. Completely, rude, crude & otherwise in...
  6. jetlagger

    Is anyone going to be humoured by Pam Ann in BNE this week..?

    Pam Ann is in BNE at the Powerhouse 8pm between THU 09 through to SUN 12 August. Is anyone joining for the laughs? Tickets are still available for selected seating.
  7. jetlagger

    Four Countries in Fourteen Days & a Bit of Fun..

    Considered it's about time for my latest TR of my recent trip to Philippines, Vietnam, China & Singapore.. I apologise in advance for posting this in parts & shall try to add the appropriate photos. PART 1- My good friends in Singapore told me - 'What a snack" - 'We did ten Euro countries in...
  8. jetlagger

    SQ Waitlist clearance timeframe..

    Just wanted to gain some feedback about waitlisted flights on SQ of late.. Have been awaiting response for past two days about a flight on Waitlist status CAN/SIN/BNE due to depart on 15 JUL 2012.. Seems flights are heavily loaded SIN/BNE but rarely I have problems with SQ Waitlist - Clearance...
  9. jetlagger

    Anyone been to Conrad Macao?

    Hi everyone.. Just trying to plan an escape/jaunt to Macau.. Never been there.. I kindly need advice on hotels. Was looking experiencing the Conrad Macao.. or any other best alternative. Thanks in advance :)
  10. jetlagger

    Biggest Travel Highlight/s?

    Wonderful entertainment reading the 'Biggest Travel Regrets" posts.. It appears there are some optimists amongst us who want to share the positive experiences as well.. So I'll be confident enough to get the 'ball rolling" at the other end of the spectrum.. Over to you for your best travel...
  11. jetlagger

    Who has the best inflight food these days?

    I know there are a few threads skirting this, & lounge experiences abound..Noticed hasn't been done for a while..& food quality can very enormously over time.. However just reading a skyscanner review about Turkish Airlines taking out the gong for best inflight food... In my case I have some...
  12. jetlagger

    Is it OK for someone to step on your seat??

    Lots of entertainment value of recent posts.. Perhaps I'm being slightly trivial, but somewhat personally annoyed in this matter.. Thought I'd share my experience yesterday. I was on an SQ heavily loaded flight in Y, which isn't the most enchanting surroundings of late, when after boarding, &...
  13. jetlagger

    Did anyone join the last 747 SQ238 flight?

    Just wondering if anyone joined the last 747 SQ238 flight? If so, care to share the experience..? Hopefully it was a fun , last hoorah, or just a formatted SOP SQ , 'Stepford Wives" experience... Look forward to any feedback.. Cheers.
  14. jetlagger

    Best Digital SLR Camera??

    Hi everyone, Had some great comments recently on helping me make a decision on Noise Cancelling Headphones, settled on the Bose QC15. Thanks for the contributions & assistance. New dilemma.. Have been looking at upgrading to a new SLR camera, there are just too many options to deal with.. A...
  15. jetlagger

    Boracay Beaches & Grand Dame Manila T1 getting a facelift..

    Thought I'd refresh the subject & put my unpleasant incident of Manila behind me.. After several days in the "jungle" of Manila, I thought I would take the short ride to my favourite island of Boracay.. Have been visiting this treasure since last century.. late 90's as I recall. It is an...
  16. jetlagger

    Adventures in southern china, 'lion lake", pr j & "wild west " manila

    Just thought i'd share a bit of a TR for my recent tripping in & around Guangzhou, China, Hong Kong & finally old Manila town, leaving me shaken & stirred after being robbed. My journey started from GC couple of weeks back for a quick jaunt to visit couple of factories for product sourcing in...
  17. jetlagger

    NOISE Cancelling Headphones- best quality?

    I know this topic has been done before, with Bose getting the lions share of mention. Just wanted an update on any other brands/models that perform well for inflight. My B&O just aren't up to scratch any more. Thanks in advance..
  18. jetlagger

    Air australia bne/hnl

    Just wondering has anyone had the recent experience of AIR AUSTRALIA BNE/HNL flight? J or Y How was it? Was looking at a leisure trip to HNL this year & just looking at options out of BNE at this stage. I had a jaunt on Strategic former product last year BNE/DPS RTN despite a couple of...
  19. jetlagger

    My Humble Intro..

    Hi Everyone, I must confess that I have been thoroughly entertained by wondering through the maze of scripts containing pleasurable reading material pertaining to all aspects of travel & realistic experiences by such a wonderful group of talented individuals the AFF contains. Although I...