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  1. dougieboy

    Round the world ticket on Oneworld

    General question - I'm wanting to book a round the world trip in October and baulked at the price of nearly $6k to go brisbane-dubai-berlin-barcelona-newyork-miami-rio-santiago-brisbane. Is this a ballpark figure or am I being taken well and truly for a ride? It seems i might be better off...
  2. dougieboy

    QF points upgrade cancellation policy 5,000 points

    My mother (QF Gold for several years now)works for government and they purchase fully flexible Y fares and my mother almost always upgrades to business using FF points. For past year she has booked and paid for her own business class travel taking a year off work and spending my inheritance...
  3. dougieboy

    Flight Centre experience :(

    I took advantage of buying a prem economy ticket on special in May for travel BNE-JFK, instead of usually booking the ticket online through the Qantas website. I had to cancel the ticket on the 20th July, and was advised intially 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, I gave FC a call and was advised it can...
  4. dougieboy

    AA status run - one spare day to travel

    I will have a spare day 3rd september in Washington DC to acquire additional SCs before heading back to Australia via JFK. Usually quite happy with silver pleb status, but after assisting my mother to check in the other day (she's on gold), the horrendous security line-up made me think twice...
  5. dougieboy

    ABC short animation - Episode 71 Umbrella and Coconut Trees

    I'm sure most of us can relate to this ladybug's life. Enjoy ABC iview
  6. dougieboy

    Future vision of Qantas is a bygone era?

    Keep up the good work Alan Joyce... A few more years of years of bad decision making and the rule of 1 and delaying new aircraft deliveries - and we'll end up having an airline of a communist bygon era. After the ground crew have opened the iron gates to permit boarding and 'run for your lives'...
  7. dougieboy

    Use saved points for 1 BRIS-LAX long haul or 2 LAX-JFK sectors Premium Eco (T) to J

    I booked and paid for a premium economy ticket Brisbane-New York return for August 2012. One month trip to see more of New York, DC and Florida Keyes. I have just enough points for either one long haul sector as described in title, or two smaller sectors between the USA. I have flown long...