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  1. bismarck

    Dan Murphy's and Other Wine Deals

    Nice. I managed to pick up a few bottles (NSW)
  2. bismarck

    How long until you get to LTP? (Or are you already there ^_~)

    Well my boss made LTP with around 90k LTSC’s. Word is there are 400 LTPs so quite an exclusive club.
  3. bismarck

    I'm feeling a bit sad ...[My SC's are getting wiped today... =( ]

    1,780 gone ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Game begins for another year...
  4. bismarck

    How to make enemies...! [by weighing carry-on]

    Yes, I've been gate checked. They just hand write a quick tag and drop it down the chute. There's no "priority" tag or anything, but because it's one of the last loaded it does tend to come out reasonably quickly. If you're likely to be 8.5kg, can you pack some of your stuff (i.e. 1.5kg) in...
  5. bismarck

    Recognised and thanked...but a bit short changed

    Nah, it's been a hyatt for ages. Though something may have been lost during the switch to world of hyatt
  6. bismarck

    Recognised and thanked...but a bit short changed

    So a bit of a DYKWIA, but nonetheless bear with me. I travel pretty frequently to Melbourne and this week have been nicely thanked by the hotel with a gift acknowledging my 30th stay (thoughtful and much appreciated) The issue? I went back and checked my loyalty account and it's actually...
  7. bismarck

    How to make enemies...! [by weighing carry-on]

    460 MEL-SYD everyone being weighed with only one scanner operating (as other FA doing the weighing). Commenced boarding on time (6:10) and boarding finally concluded at ~6:40...around 15 mins late on pushback pretty much exclusively due to the weighing. Full 737 but standard (non pivot)...
  8. bismarck

    How to make enemies...! [by weighing carry-on]

    Weighing the premium security queue at SYD again this morning. No line and no enforcement at the adjacent regular queue so I just ducked through there. :rolleyes:
  9. bismarck

    How to take (lots) of excess baggage?

    Hoping to draw on the community's expertise to help my Dad out. He is planning on take some long service leave this year, and will be travelling around Europe on a bike. As a result, he needs to take quite a lot of baggage (60-70kg he estimates). Plan would be to fly in and out of Geneva...
  10. bismarck

    How to make enemies...! [by weighing carry-on]

    Would've thought she'd be within her rights to, but as another poster flagged...potentially intimidated by the attitude of the staff member.
  11. bismarck

    How to make enemies...! [by weighing carry-on]

    An absolute zealot policing the premium security line at SYD this morning (no one checking the regular queue). Massive attitude even with a poor girl who was 7.3kg. Wouldn't even let her transfer something to her handbag. This is going to be extremely annoying if it become the norm...suspect...
  12. bismarck

    2018 Travel - the year in review thread

    Second biggest travel year ever for me. Platinum retained for another year which is great. 61 Sectors 62,723 Miles (100,944 KM)...2.5x around the world, quarter of the way to the moon Longest: CDG-HKG Shortest: LHR-CDG Northernmost: LHR Southernmost: HBA Westernmost: HNL Easternmost: MCY 83%...
  13. bismarck

    World of Hyatt

    I will just squeak in with exactly 60 nights this year (including a creative mattress run with one of my expiring free night certs at the Essendon Hyatt on the way to the airport). Tbh, I like Hyatt. I find they get the basics right and their aspirational properties overseas are a great use of...
  14. bismarck

    Qantas Delays/Cancellations

    QF4 delayed 20 hours on Monday 6 August. Departure now 7am on Tuesday 7th
  15. bismarck

    Superannuation Discussion + market volatility

    Ah yes, I hadn't checked the underlying holdings. They are US heavy. I'm interested that Exxon Mobil is in the UBS ethical fund. Just goes to show that everyone's ethics is different I guess. Will also be interesting to see how Tesla and First Solar both impact the Betashares one.
  16. bismarck

    Superannuation Discussion + market volatility

    Very little US exposure? Was that deliberate?
  17. bismarck

    From Zero to QF Platinum Flying Economy

    A pretty surprising response. I would think plenty of Platinums at the back of the bus on an international flight. I've certainly done plenty of international economy flights with the fam for holidays using my employer-funded WP status :D
  18. bismarck

    What is the attraction of lounges?

    The TK lounge in Istanbul is like this. Has foosball tables, playstations, indoor driving range etc etc It's great for a longer stop over
  19. bismarck

    AMEX lounge Melbourne expected end of 2017

    I received an email announcing a number of changes to my corporate amex (most of which are uninteresting). But halfway down, I noticed this... Has anyone actually tried to access the lounge with a corporate card? The website shows ineligible, but the way this is phrased seems to imply you...
  20. bismarck

    Loyalty and airlines - are we expecting ridiculous things??

    Yes, I have it. But the point is that I shouldn't have to.