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  1. vetrade

    South Africa Resuming International flights on Oct. 1

    Got notice overnight that South Africa is moving to Level 1 restrictions on Sept 21 and will resume international flights (via CPT and JNB only) as of 1st October, 2020, with some high risk countries to be excluded. Will be a moot point for Aussies for the time being because of the non...
  2. vetrade

    One Ocean Cruises in Trouble

    We have friends in Buenos Aires ATM who were due to start an Antarctic cruise with One Ocean on 6th Nov. but the company has just cancelled the trip which it was apparently still advertising yesterday. Info is fuzzy but this comes on the back of another of their cruises being cancelled 2 weeks...
  3. vetrade

    UK Airport Departure Tax Question

    I'm hoping the brains trust can clarify the status of the following scenario with regard to the UK departure tax. Part of a proposed OW 318K J itinerary is: KEF - LHR - PMI - LHR - EDI - DUB - LHR - DFW KEF - LHR - PMI will be a transit through LHR, as will DUB - LHR - DFW (Ireland/Dublin...
  4. vetrade

    Aussies accounts (not travel cards) to stash $USD?

    Does anyone know of any Aussie interest bearing accounts which operate in $USD? Not talking about travel cards like Global Wallet here. Ideally want to transfer $USD directly from OS into an Aussie account rather than converting to $AUD - and preferably get a little interest as well. TBH, I...
  5. vetrade

    NordVPN to access Cheaper OS Flights

    These comments may be "old news" for some but I was able to put NordVPN to good use this week so some may be interested in the story................. No. 2 son was robbed of cash, 2 credit cards, iPhone etc in Mexico recently. He did have a spare CC but 2 days ago ran into trouble booking UA...
  6. vetrade

    Christmas Day Venue for Lunch in Perth?

    We're having a family Christmas get-together in Perth this year. Have done the usual Google search but available info is scant. Would appreciate suggestions for hotels/venues in central Perth for Xmas lunch which would be suitable for us to take a then 18 month old baby. We want a traditional...
  7. vetrade

    Some Indulgence On The Isle of Capri

    We recently visited the Isle of Capri, off the west coast of Italy, and stayed at the Hotel Caesar Augustus - a boutique Relais & Chateau hotel in the town of Anacapri. Our experience was so good we thought it warranted sharing with the AFF community. The Hotel Caesar Augustus is perched right...
  8. vetrade

    Heads Up - Scam Web Site

    I've just had to cancel my 28 Degrees Card when some fraudulent transactions appeared (annoying because I'm now not sure if I can get a replacement in time before we head OS next week). It seems my card details were compromised when I placed an on-line order with www.vova.com recently. The...
  9. vetrade

    This popped up on Twitter

    Man arrested after chasing a departing plane at Dublin Airport Irish news Last night The man was arrested at Dublin Airport after he tried to run after a plane. The Ryanair flight, due for Amsterdam, was minimally delayed from its scheduled departure. Apparently he was yelling to the pilot to...
  10. vetrade

    How to (not) remove your phone number from your QFF profile

    It seems for all its $1B + profit and $11M CEO, QF still can't afford a tech team for their website with basic programming skills. Have switched to the NBN and decided to cancel our home phone number to thwart nuisance callers. So today I tried to delete my (supposedly optional) home phone...
  11. vetrade

    Need a Laugh? Watch this

    Category: | Herald Sun
  12. vetrade

    T5 Galleries Arrivals Lounge if transiting to Milan?

    Mrs V and I will have a 3hr transit at LHR T5 after flying BA J from JNB, arriving at 7.20am. Onward flight is BA Y to LIN. Would like to freshen up at the BA Galleries Arrivals Lounge (now called the Elemis Travel Spa, it seems) which is land-side on the 1st Floor. How "do-able" would it be for...
  13. vetrade

    IB Express flight not ticketed - Problem?

    Hi all. I'm a bit concerned that IB Express hasn't ticketed our flight yet,10 weeks after I bought and paid for it. As I haven't dealt with IB Express previously I'd be interested in others' experiences /comments as to whether I just need to be patient or if I need to take action. One problem...
  14. vetrade

    What's the latest in GPS trackers?

    Have had the AFF bag tags for a few years but I'm interested in AFFer's experience with the newer gps trackers like the Trakdot you can put inside your luggage and then track their whereabouts using your iPhone. The smaller the better, of course. What can people recommend? Do they have monthly fees?
  15. vetrade

    JNB - MXP via LHR Question

    We're flying from JNB to LHR and connecting straight on to Milan. Both flights with BA but separate bookings. Would like to ascertain whether we would have to collect bags at LHR and pass through immigration or whether we could interline our bags to LIN and just do the arrival formalities in Milan?
  16. vetrade

    Redeeming Velocity Points for EY MAD - AUH -MEL ?

    We're looking at using Velocity points (139,000 pp) to book 2 x J on Etihad from MAD - AUH - MEL in October / November this year as part of a RTW trip. Can someone confirm my understanding that the EY carrier charge would be $US205 (approx $AUD266) per sector pp i.e. a bit over $AUD500 pp for...
  17. vetrade

    So your bag went astray in Changi.........??

    SINGAPORE (Reuters) - A man who worked as a baggage handler at Singapore’s Changi Airport swapped tags on hundreds of bags, sending the luggage to the wrong destinations, the Straits Times newspaper reported. Tay Boon Keh, a 63-year-old working as a baggage handler for a sub-contractor of the...
  18. vetrade

    Afternoon flights PER - MEL on 24 December???

    Looking for departures after 2pm from PER - MEL (direct) on 24th December but found only 2 VA options, 1 x QF and 1 X Tiger - the earliest being 5.05pm. Last December we flew MEL - PER just before Xmas and my recollection was that we were spoiled for choice regarding flight times so the lack of...
  19. vetrade

    Article on new luggage FYI

    This Raden Suitcase Has a 7,000-Person Waitlist | Architectural Digest
  20. vetrade

    House Break-in following theft of bags from carouse at MEL

    Apologies if this has already been reported but there was a Herald Sun report yesterday of several bags being stolen from a carousel at MEL before the rightful owners could get there to claim them. In at at least one case the address details on the bag tag were then used to ransack the...