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  1. NM

    2019 Federal Election Discussion

    The AEC uses the party names as they are registered in each state. Hence some slight variations between states, but consistency within states.
  2. NM

    FAA advises caution to airlines flying over Persian Gulf

    Also reported in Air Transport World: A good reason to avoid certain areas of the Middle East as tensions rise.
  3. NM

    Answered Has there been a Reduction in Silver baggage allowance for Silver Status flights to Europe? [no]

    And quite possible the OP is on an Emirates operated flight with QF flight number, given the Europe destination. So no OneWorld benefits even if they existed. Note from the previously linked QF baggage information: So QF Silver FF benefits should apply to Emirates operated flights between...
  4. NM

    AMEX: Are additional card holders eligible for sign-up bonus

    They do, of course, have to meet the application requirements, such as minimum income and ability to service the credit.
  5. NM

    Agoda : What's your experience when they mislead?

    I expect one of the driving reasons that the hotels want to charge a "Resort Fee" that is collected directly by the hotel is to avoid paying the booking agent a commission on part on that part of the accommodation charges. If you pay the booking agent say $100, and pay the hotel directly a...
  6. NM

    NBN Discussion

    So there is hope for some improvement sometime in the future. Which is exactly what I have.
  7. NM

    NBN Discussion

    I guess I will know in a few months time. Apparently there is some maintenance being done at our NBN node next week. I doubt that is the 18-month period end work as my records show we are now at 15 months since initial availability. I have changed the internal wiring slightly so that my modem...
  8. NM

    NBN Discussion

    Thanks for the very informative post. Does the highlighted sentence suggest that 18 months after initial availability, VDSL performance may improve when the coexistance is finished? I am a long way from my node and max performance I get is around 50/20. Is it likely that this will improve even...
  9. NM

    Meals on Qantas Tokyo Flight

    When I visited Denny's in Tokyo on the basis that it would be a safe and easy dining experience, I was surprised to find they did not have an English language menu avaiulable and none of the staff spoke English, and I don't speak Japanese. The menu did have some pictures and the fun game of...
  10. NM

    Ask The Pilot

    I guess that is one reason why the Mirage was not used on carriers. Especially when its a steel runway that is both moving and very short. Would the F4 Phantom be considered a delta with with tail? I guess this is why aircraft like the F14 Tomcat and F111 had variable sweep wings - best of...
  11. NM

    Solar Panels

    while it seems like a stupid requirement, I believe it is required by the government policy rather than imposed at the whim of the retailer. They are required to provide a 10 business day cooling off period and cannot waive it. I had the same thing with my retailer when first having the system...
  12. NM

    Solar Panels

    As I approach the 12-month mark and my original rate plan with Origin Energy was going to lapse, the current Origin plan reduced the discount on energy purchase by 1% and decreased the FIT from 17c/kWh to 15c/kWh. So that was a catalyst to evaluate alternate energy retailers. Since I have...
  13. NM

    Ethiopian 737 Max 8 crash and Fallout

    Indeed, with hind-sight it is very obvious now. Unfortunately those involved with the design, development, testing, analyses and certification seemed to have missed the devastating implications of what we now see as an obvious, to-be-expected, and somewhat predictable failure mode. And this...
  14. NM

    Ethiopian 737 Max 8 crash and Fallout

    And of course in a fighter jet you can likely rely on Mr Martin and his partner Mr Baker as a way out of trouble if things go wrong with the software. That option does not exist for @AviatorInsight and his colleagues and the precious cargo they transport. This event really does show that a...
  15. NM

    Amex D-Day Approaching (14/4/19)!

    That is the only reason I might keep the card. So long as travel credit is close to annual fee, there is little reason to cancel. But I will likely decrease the silly high credit limit (Plat Edge card).
  16. NM

    Amex D-Day Approaching (14/4/19)!

    Yes indeed, so I have already burned that ;).
  17. NM

    Amex D-Day Approaching (14/4/19)!

    I finally decided what to do, and sent my entire balance (was less than 70K) to Asia Miles. I'll continue with the card for a while, so I can top-up my SPG (don't like the name Marriott Bonvoy) to complete a 25K AAdvantage transfer in the future, then maybe add a few more at reduced rate to Asia...
  18. NM

    Ethiopian 737 Max 8 crash and Fallout

    Now if Tom Cruise was piloting (in Top Gun mode), he would have rolled inverted and used the run-away trim to gain some altitude (and some negative G), to give more room to troubleshoot and remedy the situation o_O. Which of course would eventually have resulted in an inverted stall, but would...
  19. NM

    Downgrade from Business (I) to Econ (Y) months prior to flight

    Check the fare rules for the fare purchased. If the rules state something like "books in I class when available, books in Y (of some other economy/coach class) on flights operated by all-coach aircraft", then the only option available to you would be request to cancel or change the flight to a...
  20. NM

    RewardPay Worth it?

    I have moved here to the General Credit Card Discussion forum for you. Might be the best place for it. Sorry, I can't really comment on the question asked other than to suggest that only you can determine the value of the points that may be earned verses the cost of obtaining the points.