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    Error after upgrading to Win10 - help please

    Does anyone else hate microsoft? My Win 7 Toshiba Z930 ultrabook worked perfectly when purchased it in 2012 and it was great to take travelling being fast and light. Last year in their wisdom ms thought I should 'upgrade' to Win 10, but I resisted that until one day I found they had 'upgraded'...
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    Lounge Access in Bangkok flying J on QF

    NB (maybe silver if SC are allocated in time) flying J on QF24 ex BKK at beginning of next month. Just wondering if lounges other than QP are accessible and worthwhile visiting? Appreciate comments, thanx.
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    Unimpressed with EK Skywards Mileage

    In 2012 flew SYD-BKK-VCE, ATH-BKK-SYD 6 sectors. Result from Skywards 11,000 miles. Useless for anything as far as I can see.
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    Summary of offers (moved post)?

    Offtopic a bit, but still on points offers. Just used the American Express/ Bing Lee offer of 5000 QF pts for >$500 spend. Bought a Toshiba Ultrabook. Offer goes to 30 June 2013. Is there another page where offers are listed?
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    Another new member

    Hi Guys and Gals Just like to say I've found your wonderful site and know that I will learn lots from it. First question. I'm currently a corporate QF Club member which expires at the end of this month. However I no longer work for that organisation. To join AFF corporate plan would I have...