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  1. woodborer

    Australian Reports of the Virus Spread

    That's 'locally acquired'. Locally acquired: cases that were acquired in Australia Local Transmission: cases where the source of infections was in the reporting area (i.e local and known) Community transmission: cases that were acquired in Australia and the source of the infection hasn't been...
  2. woodborer

    Velocity 20% transfer bonus (7-20 September 2020)

    There was a 20% transfer bonus from Flybuys in July.
  3. woodborer

    COVID-19 and Aged Care in Australia

    Was that the Pandemic Influenza plan? Interesting to read what that says about Cruise Ships compared to reality.... That one needs an update to recognise the Influenza ain't the only pandemic....
  4. woodborer

    State border closures illegal under the highest law in the country?

    But it is in accordance with his legal advice that it has to be all states or no states (which is different to the advice other states have). If nothing else, perhaps the High Court will resolve that issue.
  5. woodborer

    returning to Australia from Indonesia without cancellation

    I would say that travel as you haven't seen your wife for a year may not get approval to leave Australia. However, they do seem to be ok if people are suggesting they won't be back for several months - so as said, you may need to stay away for an extended period of time.
  6. woodborer

    Lack of curtains separating Business and Economy on 737

    While noting that your post was from last year. After a Covid induced hiatus, it has returned with great vigour...
  7. woodborer

    State border closures illegal under the highest law in the country?

    Public Health Powers under the Public Health Act (2010) NSW. https://justiceconnect.org.au/resources/how-the-new-south-wales-governments-emergency-restrictions-on-covid-19-work/
  8. woodborer

    Everyday Rewards Targeted offers

    They don't typically work that way. The do a calculation of how many points you need, and that's how many they will give you. So if the offer T&Cs say you get 800 points, then that is what it is, regardless of what your balance at the time of the transaction is.
  9. woodborer

    2020 FY Results

    Although much of what makes a Frequent Flyer program tick is the airline. Take that away, and....
  10. woodborer

    Do airlines need to ensure flights comply with QUARANTINE rules?

    You can still apply for an exemption to enter the state. Like getting a Visa, the onus is on you.
  11. woodborer

    Australian Reports of the Virus Spread

    It's not up to anyone here to define what it means, but that is pretty much what it means. As distinct from say Locally Transmitted (where you do know the source), or Locally Acquired.
  12. woodborer

    Qantas Equity $1.9B Raising and Announcements June 2020

    I don't think the government would toss in money. More likely they would facilitate some sort of market solution.
  13. woodborer

    Less Corporate Travel Long Term?

    If you look far enough into the future, it will return back to where we were. The real question is just how long will that take. Most people are punting on it being between 2 and 4 years.
  14. woodborer

    Airport financing hits the headlines

    Perth is one of the busier airports around at the moment.
  15. woodborer

    Virgin Australia to be sold to Bain Capital

    I can't see that happening. Velocity always was separate. The old communications and emails from them often didn't even mention Virgin. There are licensing issues at play with this.
  16. woodborer

    Experience with Australian border controls leaving the country

    It basically comes down to numbers. There is only scope to support a certain number of movements through quarantine at the moment. You just have to make decisions on what can fit within those parameters.
  17. woodborer

    Experience with Australian border controls leaving the country

    Which would be why talk of unfettered 'tourism' travel indicates time a few years down the track. Limited business (and student) travel can be kept to manageable numbers. The tourist side of things is more difficult.
  18. woodborer

    Everyday Rewards relaunch

    Dans primarily competes on price, and perhaps they see little reason to be giving away points.
  19. woodborer

    Flaw in Qantas Points Club Calculations

    It's not a flaw, it's how it is set up. Points are counted from their accrual date: which means