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  1. woodborer

    Signature Card -> Premier Card

    Email today Citi Rewards Signature Card changes Effective 19 January 2020, your Citi Rewards Signature Card will be known as the Citi Premier Card to align with Citi credit cards globally.
  2. woodborer

    The Qantas Edge in First [ AJ: "Customers drool over our ...{Neil Perry} ... food!" ]

    Ever wondered what Qantas thinks its edge over its competitors is. Now we know https://www.dmarge.com/2019/10/qantas-first-class-psychological-advantage.html So, there you go
  3. woodborer

    Qantas improves earning on American

    With the approval of the JV, looks like Qantas have finally got around to improving the earn rates on some AA services (such as TransPac). People may remember they slaughtered them two years ago when the JV was knocked back...
  4. woodborer

    New Amex Velocity Platinum offer 100,000 points

    A new offer from Amex - 100,000 Velocity Points on a new Velocity Platinum Amex. Spend requirement is a bit different - 25,000 Velocity Points for each month you spend $1,000 in the first 4 months. https://www.flystaypoints.com.au/american-express-velocity-platinum-card/
  5. woodborer

    Card Promotions Boosted signup on David Jones cards

    Looks like a boosted signup on offer for the David Jones cards 40,000 MR or 20,000 QF on the DJs card Bonus Offer: David Jones American Express Card (40,000 Membership Rewards Points or 20,000 Qantas Points) - Fly Stay Points 50,000 MR or 25,000 QF on the DJs plat Bonus Offer: 50,000...
  6. woodborer

    Amex Ultimate moving to qantas voucher....

    At first it was the Edge, then it was the Reserve, not it looks like the Qantas American Express Ultimate is moving to a voucher rather than a flight. Qantas American Express Ultimate cards to get $450 voucher instead of return flight - Fly Stay Points
  7. woodborer

    Priority Pass SYD ''Lounges"

    Using Priority Pass in Sydney This is interesting - not lounges, but you can get a bar or restaurant credit at Sydney Airport with your Priority Pass card. $36 as selected restaurants has got to be good. Priority Pass adds Sydney Airport bars and restaurants to their network - Fly Stay Points
  8. woodborer

    Shangri La, Singapore Airlines partnership

    This is interesting. Some sort of reciprocal benefits coming to Krisflyer and Golden Circle. Shangri-La, Singapore Airlines launch Infinite Journeys partnership - TravelPoints
  9. woodborer

    Qantas are removing the Minimum Points Guarantee when flying American

    American removed it from Qantas, now Qantas are taking it from American Qantas removing Minimum Points Guarantee on American Airlines ~ Australian Travel Points
  10. woodborer

    IHG adjusting points levels

    IHG have announced some award level changes - among them are the IC Sydney and Melbourne going to a new level at 55,000 points. :( IHG Rewards Category Changes 2016 ~ Australian Travel Points
  11. woodborer

    Who ya gonna call

    Quick one. I have an issue with an Amb Weekend cert posting (as non qualifying). Should I call the Australian IHG Rewards number, or the US Ambassador number? If the US number, what's a good time to call?
  12. woodborer

    Wishcards 12% discount

    Does anyone here no anything about a mob called Kajita? They seem to sell candles, but their blog suggests membership gets a 12% discount on wishcards? http://www.kajita.com.au/blog.html
  13. woodborer

    There's a woodborer in the house

    Hi everybody :p