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  1. scaredeycat

    The problem with self-isolation

    I was chatting with a colleague today, a Professor of Medicine from the University of Tasmania. Thus far the state has done a reasonable job in restricting the entry of infected individuals, contact tracing and preventing the spread through the community. Obviously if Border Protection had been...
  2. scaredeycat

    The future of Airlines and their alliances

    Covid-19 has turned the world upside down and Airlines are looking increasingly shaky. What is the likelihood that QF will survive? Will our points and status be worthless in a few weeks? Airline alliances? Is this the end of OW/*A/ST? Will governments be forced to nationalise them? Discuss...
  3. scaredeycat

    Bl**dy drones

    SIN has had to close a runway for an hour on Monday night due to the presence of what were described as “unauthorised recreational drones“ in the vicinity. 15 departures were delayed - including our flight, resulting in a missed connection to GAT. QR have been proactive and it seems we have the...
  4. scaredeycat

    Interlining luggage between BA and QF

    I have just booked my daughter on flights from LHR to HBA via HKG. The first flight is a QF award on BA, the second a revenue fare on QF. She has about 3 and a half hours transit in HKG. I am wondering if her luggage will be checked through all the way, or does she need to collect it in HKG...
  5. scaredeycat

    Boeing vs Bombadier

    An interesting video about Bombadier's new C series plane and Boeing's attempt to scuttle it.
  6. scaredeycat

    Baggage while staying in airside transit hotel

    My daughter is flying from Sydney to London later this month. The first leg is QF, arriving SIN at 1645. She departs SIN the next morning at 0645 on CX travelling to LHR via HKG. The second and third legs are QFF award bookings, obviously on a different PNR. I was anticipating booking her into...
  7. scaredeycat

    Qantas sales from UK

    Hi everyone. With a daughter now based in London I anticipate she will be flying back to Australia once or twice a year. I anticipate that I will be using QFF points for her tickets but I'm also tossing up paying for fares outright. Just wondering if anyone has noticed whether QF fares...
  8. scaredeycat

    Amex Platinum card insurance and The Rolling Stones

    The tragic suicide of Mick Jagger's partner has thrown their tour of Australia into disarray. I totally support his decision to return to New York, obviously that's what anyone in that situation would do. Unfortunately many of their fans have had their travel plans disrupted too, including the...
  9. scaredeycat

    ? Fraudulent booking

    Received an email yesterday confirming my booking at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Singapore later this month. I'm not going to Singapore. I've stayed at that hotel twice, but this month I'm staying home. Thought the situation rather odd, so gave the hotel a call. Yes, they have a booking, which is...
  10. scaredeycat

    Buying fur in Europe

    Does anyone know how strict customs are with regard to fur bought as a gift? I'm thinking of buying a fox fur from Finland (try saying that when you're drunk!). Should I anticipate any problems? Must it be declared? Thanks in anticipation.
  11. scaredeycat

    Scaredey Cat and the Dreamliner

    Gentle reader, Welcome to my first trip report. There are certain things we may need to get straight first up. Let me say at the outset that I like aeroplanes. I think they are a tribute to mankind’s ingenuity and a triumph of physics. Every time I see one flying overhead I marvel at the fact...
  12. scaredeycat

    It may not be healthy, but...

    how about some ice cream in the QP? Yes, I know I could just get some downstairs in the zoo, but a little treat every once in a while would be appreciated. Maybe some Maggie Beer's?
  13. scaredeycat

    What is a "spoilage fee"?

    Mrs Cat and kitten minor flying JQ to Sydney this weekend, flexible fare. Rang to change flights earlier this week and their booking now refers to a "spoilage fee" of $30 each. I've done a quick online search but can't find out what this actually means. Anyone here able to enlighten me?
  14. scaredeycat

    Is this a record for Heathrow?

    Heathrow has been getting a lot of bad press recently, so it was with some trepidation that yours truly and sundry felines negotiated Terminal 5 yesterday after flying in from Tokyo. Imagine our surprise to find almost all of the immigration desks staffed - our express passes were almost...
  15. scaredeycat

    Better late than never...

    Hi everyone. Just posted for the first time ("Ask the pilot") and noticed that I actually joined 4 years ago:oops:! Haven't really read much until about 3 months ago, but am now well and truly hooked. I am a physician based in Hobart and until recently have shared my favours between several...