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    Am i entitled to my money back [Cancellation]

    Jetstar have now cancelled all OOL to CHC and AKL flights in April and May. I have a flight in May from OOL to CHC. I asked Jess the Jetstar virtual assistant for my refund, as I want the money back and not a voucher as i have that many flights booked with qantas and jetstar that i know i won't...
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    LATAM domestic flights in Peru some helpful information

    Hi All, Just came back from South America trip chasing the solar eclipse! I wanted to post some info up about LATAM and internal flights in PERU as the information is extremely hard to come by - especially Australian information - and this may help other people! I booked our flights on the...
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    QF 717 experience

    My better half and I flew out to alice springs a week ago using our QFF points while they were on a previous discount. As better half is gold QFF, I had booked our seats earlier and the closest up front was row 8/9. 2 days before the flight I log back in and can up our seats to row 1 2 or 3...
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    first time post

    Ive been reading through the forums for quite a few months now, but first time post, as i cannot reply to some of the other threads i guess without having a first post!. Ill soon be QF Silver, and my better half is QF Gold soon to be Plat.